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In addition to the Films provided at the Festival, panels of the guests were a good source for bits of information that you can not find anywhere else. Did you know that Jan Merlin played all of the "behind the Mask" parts in THE LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER? Furthermore, when Kirk Douglas was given his special award at the 1996 Oscars for his role in the List of Adrian Messenger, the film clip used was not Kirk Douglas under the mask disguises. It was really JAN MERLIN!! This was just one of the many tidbits of information we heard from the Panel Discussions.

A lot of fun stories were related from the Guest's vast experiences in Show business. By far the best stories are the ones relating to "LIVE" broadcasts. Jan's stories were true to his character's personality- Roger Manning. Pranks and live on the air flub stories were related from all of the guests and made the panels interesting and very enlightening.

It was interesting to reflect back on some of the stories from both the perspective of seeing it as a child and later hearing about the incident as an adult.

Tapes of these panels are available from the Film Festival staff. See the resources page.

Radio Panel
Radio Panel
John Mitchum, Jan Merlin and Ben Cooper

Panels were excellent
resources of information

Radio Panel
Jan with Richard Boone's Son, Peter,
and John Mitchum

Radio Panel
Jan with Radio Panel moderator, Mitch Weisberg,
John Mitchum and Ben Cooper

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