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Solar Cadet Oath:
I solemnly swear to uphold the Constitution
of the Solar Alliance,
to obey interplanetary laws,
to protect the liberties of the planets,
to safeguard the freedom of space,
and to uphold the cause of peace
throughout the universe!
To these ends I dedicate my life!
Planets and Kidstm Books!

Blast off into space to explore new worlds or look at your own through the lives of the kids that will live there a hundred and fifty years from now! From the damaged Earth to man-made colonies on the moons of Jupiter to planets beyond our Solar System the Planets and Kids series will take you there. Meet Mary Jo, Isaiah, Nong, and others as they take you on a short visit to their worlds.

This new series is intended to let junior space cadets learn a little bit about the Tom Corbett Universe and their own. After visiting with fellow children on other world and learning about the hardships and fun of living there kids can also spend a little time learning about the real worlds that they’ve just read about.

So join us now for a trip through the Solar System and beyond!

Book 1: Mary Jo - a Girl from Earth
Book 2: Zachary - a Boy from Earth
Book 3: Isaiah - a Boy from Venus
Book 4: Marguerite - a Girl from Venus
Book 5: Nong - a Boy from Mercury

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