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This page is updated as information on current broadcast shows are obtained. If you know of any Tom Corbett, Space Patrol or other 1950’s radio shows that are being broadcast on the internet, please pass the information on the Academy so it may be added here.

This page will be linked to the Cadet News Page and the Audio Resources page of the Solar Guard Site. Rather than continually update the Cadet News page, this page will serve as the update page for radio shows being broadcast on the internet.

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IMPORTANT: Do to a recent series of events, OTR has been suspended on many sites due to Copyright questions. Many sites have temporarily suspended their broadcast of the old shows and may return as soon as the questions about the copyrights are settled.

NOTICE: Update 10/11/99: New information on the Tom Corbett Radio shows is now on-line,thanks to Martin Grams, Jr. His information corrected titles,broadcast order and dates for the Tom Corbett shows. Because of Martin's research, we can now identify the show known only as "Vanadium smugglers" as part II of DOOMED CARGO. Check out the new information on Part II of the TC radio log.

Randy Collins Old-Time Radio Shows of the Week

Randy Collins Old-Time Radio Shows of the Week:
Randy has been faithfully re-broadcasting the Tom Corbett Radio Shows in Real Audio format in the order of the original broadcast since December of 1998. The Old-Time Radio Shows of the Week and the Solar Guard forged a “Solar Alliance” and have updated links to each site. As Randy broadcast the shows you may read the summary of the Solar Guard Site with a link back to Randy’s site. The following is current as of :

Week of November 21,1999


Click for Summary of Current show
Click for Radio Shows of the Week

SPACE PATROL on LOF- Communications

November 21, 1999

Go to the Old Radio Show of the Moment for radio adventures in Real Audio and MPEG format:

No broadcast of Space Patrol this week, continue to check.

NOTE: These broadcasts have been in broadcast order sokeep checking LOF for new Space Patrol Shows. The Academy recommends that you sign up for LOF's automatic email update. An email with the information about the new show will be sent to you. An excellent way to keep track of any new Space Patrol shows. The sign up form is on the same page as the "Show of the Moment".

Report any new shows on internet to the Solar Guard so others may enjoy

Comments & suggestions may be sent to the Solar Guard Academy

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