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The Ralston Rocket- Prescott Arizona

Thanks to Herb Deeks for the Photo's and for Jack McKirgan's comments and scans of the photo's.

The attached photos are scans of the Mystery Rocket that Herb Deeks found in Prescott, Arizona in December of 1994. From my first conversation with him, I believed that it may have been one of the Ralston Rockets, but it's obviously not one of them. In many ways, this ship has lines closer to those of the Terra IV than the Ralston Rocket had. If this was originally one of the Ralston Rockets, then it was extensively reworked between the time that Ward dean found it in the 70s and four years ago. - Jack McKirgan, August 1999

Ralston Want a Be
The Ralston look a like
Composite of front and rear
This "long shot" is a rough composite of two photo's of the rocket.
Tail Section front section

More Mysteries:
It just occurred to me that the photos of the pseudo-Ralston Rocket MAY be the one that Dick Dyszel said that he saw doing a tour for Rocky Jones. Another speculation from Herb Deeks is that this one was used by a local (to southern California) meat-packer as a promotional gimmick. Cadet Jack.

The following rocket was taken from one of the first Space Patrol TV shows. It seems to have lines more similar to the above rocket. It also looks like some the Flash Gordon rockets of the 30's as well... Cadet Ed

Early Terra (?)
Early version of Terra V?
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