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Ed Kemmer
October 29, 1920 - November 09, 2004

A tribute and a Memorial to Ed from his many fans.

Ed Kemmer was from a generation that "got the job done" ... no matter what the odds. From flying missions over Germany to flying the Terra V into Space, his "can do" attitude marked a generation that stepped up to the challenge. He was the first one to say he wasn't a war hero; he was just doing the best job he could - But he was a hero. He didn't think he was a hero as the Commander in Chief on a 1950's space show; just someone doing the best job he could - But he was a hero.

It was only after he retired from the actor's spotlight that he realized he was a real hero to a generation who grew up under the twin edge sword of the Cold War and a new post war prosperity that brought television into their lives.

He was never too tired to talk to his fans and even thanked us for remembering him. He will always be a hero on the web pages and books dedicated to the early years of science fiction television and his flights of " daring do" in space as Commander of Space Patrol and most importantly of all.. with in our memories.

The following are some of those memories from his many fans. We were lucky to have known him and called him friend. Thank you Ed for being our Commander and friend… clear skies and open space.
Cadet Ed

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