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Solar Guard Reunion - Williamsburg Film Festival
March 9 - 12, 2016
Holiday Inn
Williamsburg, Virginia
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The 2016 Solar Guard Academy reunion is set for March 9 - 12, 2016 in Williamsburg Virginia. Cadets will meet and greet each other and enjoy some of the classic episodes of the 1950s Space shows while at the festival. Check the Williamsburg Film Festival for the latest information on the guests and hotel reservations.
IMPORTANT: Be sure to contact the Academy if you plan to attend. The 2016 membership package will contain your name tag, movie information and other important information about the reunion that you don't want to miss.


The Solar Guard Display will once again be in the dealer's room and will serve as a meeting place and blast off point for cadets to travel in the FULL size Space Patrol X-RC Rocket Cockpit made by Cadet Mike Turco. The dealers room will feature additional viewing time of some of our favorite shows .

The Solar Guard display will be a place to show off any Space items from your collection that you think would interest other cadets. There have been some great models in past reunions and it's a good time to gather and discuss the merits of our favorite shows.

The Solar Guard will have video sessions on Thursday and Friday Nights.The two Solar Guard sessions will feature the Solar Guard Matinee at the Bijou with Coming Attractions, video shorts, 1950s SF TV shows; Tom Corbett, Space Patrol, and Two classic 1950s SF movies. Be sure to check the festival announcement board for updates to the schedule and check this page in late December for the session times, shows, and additional information about the video sessions.

See you at the Reunion and
Spaceman's Luck
Cadet Ed


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