TC Photo Album Vol 2

Spacemen's Discipline

The scene: Section 42D in the Space Academy dormitory- home of the Polaris Unit.

The occasion: A good "dressing down" from Captain Strong.

Unfortunately, this scene was frequently repeated, usually the result of a prank, or, more seriously, a botched mission, due to the antics of Roger Manning. At least, we now have the opportunity to get a look at the cadets' room, not often seen. (Who do you think the "pin-ups" on the wall belong to?)

Section 42-D Dressing down!!!
Photo 10- Photo courtesy of Jan Merlin
In a similar scene, caught for the ages on kinescope, Captain Strong momentarily has a memory lapse in the middle of his lines, so he invents a dandy new word. It went something like this:

"All three of you are to be held responsible for the actions of any one individual! That stupid little prank out there has not only disgraced you as a cadet unit, but lives were endangered needlessly! I'VE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR...YOUR...err, ..POTJENNY!"

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