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Tom Corbett Television Log
Dumont Network:
20 alternate Saturday shows
August 29,1953 - May 22, 1954

From Joe Sarno's Space Academy Newsletter #7 & 8 July - December 1979

CAST: Frankie Thomas, Jan Merlin, Al Markim, Edward Bryce, Carter Blake, Margaret Garland,Frank Sutton

SPONSOR: Red Goose Shoes & John C. Roberts Shoes

Assistant Producer: Muriel Maron,Phillip Tantillo
Production Assistant: Phillip Tantillo,Hal Bowden
Senior Technician: Burch Hayden,Phillip Tantillo
Audio Engineer: William Woglom,John Goordano
Costumes: Eddie Taliaferro
Lighting: Carl Gaiti
Music: Hank Silberg

Directed by: Ralph Ward
Produced by: Allen Ducovny
Narrator: Jackson Beck

# 1 - THE MILLION DOLLAR PATROL --- August 29, 1953
The Space Academy is in danger of being closed down forever, so Tom Corbett and the Space Cadets risk their lives to save it when they come to the aid of passengers of a crippled rocket liner a million miles from home base.

# 2 - THE TROJAN PLANETS --- September 12, 1953
Tom Corbett and the Space Cadets find treachery and danger on the deserted planets in the orbit of Jupiter.
# 3 - THE OUTPOST OF DANGER --- September 26, 1953
Receiving an urgent distress signal from the black void of space, Tom Corbett and the cadets race to battle a dread disease which has ravished the colonial outpost of Mimas.
# 4 - TARGET DANGER --- October 10, 1953 #D7
written by Albert Aley
Disc #5201 A feud between two cadets causes the wreck of the Commanders flagship during interplanetary war games. Tom, Astro, and Manning suddenly find themselves the target of deadly atomic torpedoes while taking part in maneuvers to repel a mock invasion from space. Cadets Manning and Eric Rattison (Sutton) tension builds when Eric is temporarily assigned as an extra member of the Polaris Crew. Past differences are insignificant when the two are trapped together fighting for survival and facing death.

Commercials: Commander Arkwright informs us of the availablility of a miniature spacmen, free withthe purchase of each pair of Red Goose Shoes or John C. Roberts Shoes. In a second commerical we are advised that a "Strato-Treasure Hunt Game"which includes an Interplanetary Travel Chart, cutout pictures of the Space Academy members, and a Membership card in Tom Corbett's Space Academy is Available free with the purchase of Red Goose Shoes.

# 5 - THE MOUNTAINS OF FIRE ---- October 24, 1953
In a daring maneuver, Tom Corbett and the Space Cadets use their spaceship to prevent the destruction of an important agricultural station.
# 6 - THE GHOST SHIP --- November 7, 1953
A mysterious rocket ship drifts through the skies destroying liners in seemingly accidental crashes. When cadet Astro is accused of negligence, Tom steps into the picture.
# 7 - THE BEACON OF DANGER --- November 21, 1953
A crooked mechanic tampers with the beacons surrounding a space junk field thereby hoping to waylay a treasury ship.
# 8 - SPACESHIP OF DEATH --- December 5, 1953
An airport is threatened with destruction when an explosion occurs aboard a spaceship in flight.
# 9 - THE RAIDERS OF THE ASTEROIDS --- December 19, 1953
The cadets disguise themselves as prospectors to trap space gangsters who have been preying on uranium seekers.
# 10 - THE PLANET OF DOOM --- January 2, 1954
written by Albert Aley
Two pretty young auxiliary cadets make an emergency landing, causing their spaceship to crash-land on Jupiter through negligence.
# 11 - CARGO OF DEATH --- January 16, 1954
Additional Cast:
Captain Brad Farley: Humphrey Davis
Dickson: Harry Bellaver
A freighter Captain & his first mate do not properly maintainthe antiquated vessels they purchase, the result is death for the passengers and crew of 5. The negligent Captain kidnaps Roger for his crew on another ill-fated vessel. Tom and Astro, posing as civilian passengers on the freighter, must rescue Roger and stop Captain Farley before the malfunctioning freighter crashes on the moon.
# 12 - THE IRON MAJOR ---- January 30, 1954
A tyrannical officer forbids the crew to leave their ship while in port.
# 13 - THE SPACE PROJECTILE ---- February 13, 1954
Tom Corbett is called upon to halt sabotage of a cargo firing tube.
# 14 -RESCUE IN SPACE ---- February 27, 1954
no information available
# 15 - THE EARTH DIGGER ---- March 13, 1954
A machine causes a cave-in under the moon's surface.
# 16 - SPACE STATION OF DANGER --- March 27, 1954
Liquid compound K has seeped into the air and threatens the lives of those on the space station. Conspirators then plant a nuclear bomb to blow up the space station and its crew.
# 17 - TREACHERY IN SPACE --- April 10, 1954
Tom Corbett is expelled from the Space Academy on suspicion of treason.
# 18 - COMET OF DEATH --- April 24, 1954
Tom's spaceship runs into a speeding comet, and the crew is in danger of death.
# 19 - DEATH TRAP --- May 8, 1954
On a routine training flight to Mars, Tom answers distress signal from the depths of space.
# 20 - THE RUNAWAY ROCKET --- May 22, 1954
written by Albert Aley
Tom, Astro and Roger are on escort duty for the speed trial of a new rocket scout manned by Commander Arkwright, Captain Strong, and Cadet Rattison. The rocket develops a short circuit in the main control panel that sends it off course to plunge directly into the sun. Only Tom Corbett and the space cadets are in a position to save the rocket as it falls out of control toward the sun.
Commercials: Tom corbett informs viewers that the Space Cadet Identification Badge is available free with each purchase of Red Goose Emery Oxford Shores.
Special Notes:This episode was the final one of the season, as all three Space Cadets wish their viewers a happy summer vacation before they return in the fall. The Cadets announce they are going home for summer vacation as well. This is the last appearance of Jan Merlin in the role of Roger Manning.

End of Dumont Network Log: August 29,1953 - May 22, 1954

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NBC Network December 11, 1954 to June 25, 1955
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