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Convict's Rio

A Space Chantie for Tom Corbett, Space Cadet
(based on the original ballad This Great War)
Revised Words (C) 1997 by Dansen T. Stahl

This song was, presumably, written by a Navy man after the riot of 2028 at the Ishtar Colony on Venus. The criminal element of the colonists, as well as more than a few voluntary colonists, had broken with the government base there, retreating into the venusian jungles and attacking any government forces sent in to arrest them or gather taxes. Finally, the Solar Alliance decided to send in troops to bring the situation under control. What few colonists weren't already supporting the independants soon began supporting them and the situation escalated. When the "riot" was finally resolved several hundred colonists were dead or missing and the Solar Alliance was forced to change the way it regulated the colony. Although there have been other colonial riots (especially among belters) the Ishatar Riots are worst in Alliance history.

Anonymous - 2030 AD

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