TC Photo Album Vol 2

Dr. Joan Dale

Dr. Dale (Margaret Garland) was an astrophysicist who was on the teaching faculty of Space Academy. It was hinted by the scriptwriters that she was the "girlfriend" of Captain Steve Strong in their off-screen, private lives. There was (thankfully) no on-screen hanky-panky between them, however. The only indications of the relationship were an occasional dinner invitation from Captain Strong, and their obvious concern for each other when one of them would fall into a hazardous situation. "Oh, Steve, be careful!"

Dr. Dale was most often seen in classroom and laboratory settings, teaching the cadets at Space Academy. She sometimes accompanied the cadets on a mission into space, and usually managed to get herself captured by some evil-doer, and was finally rescued by Captain Strong and the cadets after a series of six cliff-hanging episodes.

Dr Dale
Photo 4- Photo courtesy of Paul Greene

The photo of Dr Dale was restored and digitized by Ragenet Media Inc and comes from the Joseph Greene collection. The excellent colorization was done by Tom Powers
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