TC Photo Album Vol 2

Cadet Astro

Astro in Color
Photo 5- Photo courtesy of Paul Greene
On their first day at Space Academy, Astro (Al Markim) introduced Tom Corbett to the rocket cruiser Polaris:

"Well, here you are, Tom. A rocket cruiser of the latest design. This is the Polaris." "It's beautiful, Astro. The most beautiful thing in the whole world." "And one day, if you're lucky, you'll be the master of a such a ship as this. You will walk her decks a million miles out in the void, stare out of the viewports into the majestic blackness of outer space; you will see planets, asteroids- worlds dead and worlds still unborn. Then, by all the satellites of Jupiter, then Tom, you will know what it means to be a spaceman!"

Astro's grandparents were among the first Earth colonists to settle on the planet Venus. His parents, as well as he, were born there. After over a year's experience working on space freighters, he returned to Earth to enlist in Space Academy, where he became a member of the Polaris Unit.

The photo of Astro was restored and digitized by Ragenet Media Inc and comes from the Joseph Greene collection. Colorization was done by Tom Powers
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