The Solar Guard Meet Star Trek
May 8, 2009
REGAL Cinemas Commonwealth Stadium 205001 Commonwealth Centre Parkway
Midlothian, Virginia



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Cadet Ed and Lee MilsteadThanks to Lee Milstead, Virginia Promotion Coordinator from the Regal Entertainment Group, the cadets of the Solar Guard Academy were invited to be part of the opening of the new Star Trek movie at one of the IMAX theaters outside of Richmond, Virginia.

The Solar Guard meet many new friends at the Space Patrol X-RC cockpit display and received many positive comments about the Academy's goal to preserve the SF shows of the 1950s. The following pictures highlight two very full days for the cadets at the opening of the Star Trek movie, which was a very positive event for the Academy.

A short video of the event is on YouTube as The Cadets of the Solar Guard Academy Meet Star Trek .

The 1950s ( Mid-Century Future’s Past ) meet the next generation of Star Trek fans in Virginia:

1950s science fiction memories poster

Solar Guard Academy Goals


The Display

Solar Guard and Enterprise

Solar Guard Cadets


Fans and Crowds

1950s Education