The Solar Guard Meet
Star Trek

The Enterprise



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The Enterprise 1701-A
Enterprise 1701-A from Kings Dominon
This model of the Enterprise was part of the Kings Dominion Theme Park in Virginia. When the theme for the park changed, Lee Milstead rescued this very large model for events like this. Thanks Lee!!!
Enterprise and Training Nacelle
The Enterprise Suspended overhead and the training Nacelle
Enterprise flyover of Solar Guard Cadets

A Fly over by the Enterprise for Cadets Jim, Mike and Henry

Inspecting the working training Nacelle.

See the YouTube video for the Nacelle action

Cadets inspect the Star Trek display
Star fleet Academy Training Nacelle
Training Nacelle - Click on picture for additional information

Cut-a-away of the Nacelle-click on the picture for additional information

Cadets study the plans for the Anti-Matter chamber

Nacelle plans review by Academy Cadets