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Western Film Festival
Polaris II Crew
The Polaris II Crew
Official Cap

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The Polaris II Crew consists of three fans who met for the first time at the Williamsburg Film Festival. The name for the unit developed through a series of emails between Chuck Lassen, Jack McKirgan and Ed Pippin . The Polaris II Crew ID was used to identify the cadets attending the Festival but soon developed into a unit designation for the three cadets. Cadet Chuck presented each member of the unit with a Unit hat (see log at top of page). The hat sports an image of the planet Saturn and the unit's name across the front which helped make the unit members stand out from among the 10 gallon hats. The Polaris Crew will remember the many fun sessions they had at the Festival with Jan and each other.

The Polaris Crew was joined on the last day of the Festival by Rocky Jones Space Ranger's Number One fan Mike Elmo. Mike brought along a lot of material on Rocky that will be added to the archives of the Solar Guard site. See Mike's comments for his impression of the Festival.

Polaris II Crew
Polaris II Crew
Cadets Jack,Ed & Chuck

Jan & Polaris II Crew
Jan and
Polaris II Crew

Jan and Chuck
Chuck and Jan
Ready for Action

Jan and Jack
Jack & Jan
Discussion over the Photos

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