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By Cadet Joe Sarno
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December 30, 1950 to December 29,1951
Episode #1 - # 53

Commander Corry, Tonga and Carol

# 1 “ TREACHERY OF MARS “ December 30, 1950

Buzz Corry, Commander in Chief of the Space Patrol, is returning to Terra from Earth, accompanied by his new Cadet, Happy, winner of the Corry Scholarship, when he spots what he believes to be a derelict guided missile floating in space. As the Space Patrol battle cruiser closes in to destroy it, the missile heads for it, narrowly missing, then turns and strikes again. The missile is in reality a cosmic bomb controlled by Major Gorla from his fortress on Kars. The Major, with the help of Marta, an assistant to the Secretary General on Terra, plots to conquer the United Planets beginning with the murder of Commander Corry.

# 2 "THE LETHAL LADY" January 6, 1951

Marta attempts the theft of top secret plans and plots the destruction of Commander Corry. She enlists the aid of a Space Patrol officer, Lt. Krasnoff, who carries a grudge against Major Robertson, United Planets Security Chief. Lt. Krasnoff paralyzes Robbie with a ray gun and releases the magnetic force control throwing Buzz and Happy's ship in to a free fall seconds from the ground.

# 3 " INTRIGUE IN THE CABINET" January 13, 1951

A member of the Cabinet of the United Planets, Baron Von Kreitz, is scheming the overthrow of the Secretary General. The Baron instructs Lt. Groat to prevent Commander Corry from delivering damaging information to the Secretary General on Venus. Tonga, assistant to the Security Chief, is partially paralyzed by Lt. Groat while carrying the top secret audiogram to Venus in her space car. She is left in the aft compartment, where she bravely risks a cosmic burn to turn on the ship's magnetizer. The cosmic static trail aids Commander Corry and Cadet Happy in tracking her to the Earth's moon, and the headquarters of Baron Von Kreitz. (Commander Corry's ship is referred to as "Battle Cruiser 100" fastest ship in the universe.)

# 4 " THE AGRA RAY" January 20, 1951

Carol Carlisle, daughter of the Secretary General, is testing her most recent invention at the Science Academy, with the help of her lab assistant. The invention is called the Agra Ray, a ray which speeds up the growth process enabling plants to reach their full growth in a matter of hours. However it is also discovered that when the ray is inverted is capable of turning whole cities into stone. The lab assistant is secretly in the employ of Prince Greegor of Mercury, who desires the Agra Ray. He wants to threaten Terra, Capitol of the United Planets, with ray. Carol is kidnapped, and taken to Mercury by the Lab Assistant.

# 5 " THE IVY OF DEATH'“ January 27, 1951

Major Robertson and Tonga have been assigned the duty of taking the Agra Ray to Jupiter to allay the food shortage there. They are met by the sinister Goron, pretending to be Jupiter’s Minister of Agriculture. He takes them to his headquarters at the foot of the crater Cornicus, where he plans to steal the Agra Ray and use it to grow the Ivy of Death , a plant that gives off a suffocating dioxide, to aide him in destroying the United Planets. (Universal Star Time mentioned for the first time.)

# 6 "TROUBLE ON SATURN'S THIRD MOON" February 3, 1951

Tonga is sent to investigate reports of trouble at Cosmic Radiation Plant No. 1, located on Saturn's third moon. She dismisses the hot tempered Captain Kronk for mismanagement and Kronk vows to get even. Tonga is mysteriously shot with a shock rifle, but when Commander Corry and Cadet Happy arrive they can find no trace of Kronk, though they do catch his assistant absconding with embezzled payroll funds. (Distant Units mentioned for first time.)

# 7 "SOLO FLIGHT TO JUPITER" February 10, 1951

After his first solo flight to Jupiter, Cadet Happy acquires an unwelcome passenger at the Jupiter Space Port a fellow named Lucky, who is making off with the Jupiter Trust Co.’s funds. To insure Happy's silence, Lucky threatens the lives of Carol and Commander Corry.

# 8 "COSMIC DEBRIS WARNING" February 17, 1951

Major Robertson, at Space Control on Earth, receives a report from the Chief Astronomer that a planetoid has exploded nearby and all spaceships in that vicinity should watch for danger from cosmic debris. Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, and Carol are returning to Terra from Earth when they are hit by a meteor. They are rendered helpless in space, rapidly losing oxygen, and unable to communicate. (TERRA IV is now Commander Corry's Space Ship.)

# 9 "THE PLANOS EPIDEMIC" February 24, 1951

Burger, owner of six lead mines on the moon Planos, reports an epidemic caused by a deadly bacteria, spreading through the mines. Tonga joins Commander Corry and Cadet Happy in space with the precious serum needed to combat the disease. Burger and his accomplice, Leckner, wish to frighten everyone away to keep secret the discovery of a rich deposit of Exonium. Cadet Happy catches Leckner in the process of tampering with the atmosphere system of one of the mines. They struggle with Happy and he unknowingly inhales a lethal dose of the concentrated bacteria.


Warden Sovak and his head trustee, Erik, have arranged for the escape of those prisoners who are able to pay. The prisoners escape through a tunnel that runs underneath one of the irrigation canals. After the report of the escape of three prisoners in one month from the escape proof prison reaches Commander Corry. Corry decides to investigate with the help of Major Robertson and Cadet Happy.

# 11 "THE PERILOUS SLEEP" March 10, 1951

Cadet Happy is suffering from a lack of sleep due to a heavy study workload. He falls into the hands of the beautiful Mara and her accomplice, who have recently stolen the Priceless Brainograph from the Terra Medical Science Center. Mara decides to use Happy as a Guinea Pig in helping her to learn how to use the complicated device.

# 12 "A VACATION AT LAKE AZURE" March 17, 1951

Superintendent Brand of the Space Port at Lake Azure on the planet Venus informs Commander Corry that his Aqua jet car is ready. Buzz decides to take a vacation at the Lake and test his new sea car with Tonga and Cadet Happy. Zurach, an escaped convict who has vowed revenge against Buzz, bullies the Superintendent into helping him sabotage the new ship. Perry Evans as Brand. Peter Foster as Zurach.

# 13 "THEFT OF THE ZETA RAY" March 24, 1951

Major Robertson completes the formula for the Zeta Ray, an amazing machine that cures any illness and halts infection. But before he can transport it from Earth to Terra Medical Science Center his former lab assistants kidnap Robbie and abscond with the Zeta Ray, leaving Robbie floating in space around Earth's moon.

# 14 "BLACKMAIL ON SATURN" March 31, 1951

Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Carol are embroiled in a sinister plot with a mysterious universal blackmail ring run by Professors Garson and Sheldon, who have devised an ingenious scheme to force Happy into serving their evil purposes.

Radurium glove # 15 "THE MAN IN THE RADURIUM GLOVE" April 7, 1951

Kessler, one of the most dangerous criminals of the United Planets, escapes from the rehabilitation room of the Medical Science Center after being rematerialized from suspended animation by Tonga. Kessler kidnaps Cadet Happy while being treated for a serious cosmic burn. Happy is wearing a Radurium glove as part of the treatment, but the treatment can be fatal to him if the glove is not removed within a certain period of time.

# 16 "UNDER THE RED LAKE OF JUPITER" April 14, 1951

After blasting off from the Red Lake Winter Resort on Jupiter, Carol and Tonga suddenly develop rocket trouble, causing them to crash to the bottom of the great Red Lake. Commander Corry, in spacephone contact with them at the time of the crash, rushes to their rescue along with Major Robertson and Cadet Happy. However, the lake has frozen over for the night and the girl's oxygen is almost exhausted.


Dr. Smatka throws the Space Patrol into chaos when he creates a perfect duplicate of Commander Buzz Corry by using plastic surgery on an interplanetary criminal. As a result of the pretender's orders, Major Robertson abandons his post on Saturn allowing a fleet of enemy ships to raid the city; and all Space Patrol ships leave Terra for an alleged uprising on Pluto, leaving Terra unprotected.


Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy are sent on a highly secret and mysterious mission to the City of Canali, Capitol of Mars. They are to pick up 100,000,000 credits worth of Tellurium and transport it to Terra. However, Alicia, the trusted and beautiful confidential secretary to the Governor of Mars, and her accomplice, Ghent, execute a sinister plot to steal the Tellurium and destroy Buzz and Happy in the process.

# 19 "THE MAJOR'S DILEMMA" May 5, 1951

During a routine inspection of the Space Patrol Maintenance Shop, Major Robertson discovers a heavy purchase of surplus battle cruisers by the Pluto Transport Company. Suspicious, he tells the owner of the company that he can no longer buy these ships and immediately "accidents" begin happening in the shop. When Commander Corry and Cadet Happy attempt to test fly the Secretary General's new ship they nearly crash as a result of sabotage.

# 20 " ISOLATION IN SPACE" May 12, 1951

When Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Carol attempt to apprehend a pair of dangerous criminals smuggling valuable parasonic crystals from the Synthetic Crystal Company. They find themselves in a virtually isolated space relay station orbiting around Terra with only one and a half hours of Oxygen left their only hope is the alertness of the Space Patrol.

# 21 "THE TOURIST TRAP" May 19, 1951

This is a flashback episode showing Tonga's venture into crime before being rehabilitated. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are called to investigate reported robberies on a tourist sight seeing ship traveling to the Earth's moon. Tonga, acting as a guide, is in league with the ships pilot, Captain Holt, in blinding the passengers with a photon bomb and relieving them of their valuables. Buzz and Happy solve the mystery of who is committing the robberies and how they are disposing of the loot.

# 22 "DANGEROUS INTRIGUE" May 26, 1951

Major Robertson is on the planet Neptune. After memorizing and destroying the plans for a powerful new rocket engine he is overpowered and rendered unconscious by his physician, Dr. Owen. The Dr owns a private sanatorium on the planet and intends to force Robbie to divulge the secret plans. When Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy discover the treachery, the Cadet embarks on a scheme to rescue Robbie, without his Commanders full knowledge. Which results in the Commander using a cosmic missile to blast a radio controlled space car occupied by Happy and Robbie.

# 23 "THE SECRET INJECTION" June 2, 1951

Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy apprehend two dangerous criminals, the renegade Doctor Phillips, and his confederate, Dixon. While captive aboard the Space Patrol battle Cruiser the doctor slyly injects Happy with a concentrated Narco solution from a concealed Narco injector. The injector subjects the Cadet's will to the doctor's evil control. Answering a distress call in space with Commander Corry, Happy attempts to carry out Dr. Phillips command to attack Buzz, while the doctor and his henchman threaten Carol aboard the ship.


In the process of an experiment in the Terra Research Lab, Tonga orders two grams of the precious Tritonium from the Space Patrol Research Laboratory on Earth. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy, on a training flight near Earth, agree to transport the 2,000,000 credits worth of Tritonium to Terra. However the lab technicians on Earth, Lisa and Chaney, plot to steal the Tritonium. They follow the Commander's ship and blast it with a missile, knocking out the ships power and threaten to fire another missile unless Buzz and Happy abandon the ship . Lisa Howard as Lisa. Pierce Lyden as Chaney.

Cadet Happy, Commander Corry and Tonga # 25 "BEYOND THE RIM OF SPACE" June 16, 1951

Commander Buzz Corry and the Space Patrol crew are on a pleasure trip to the planet Pluto aboard a luxury space yacht. A fault in the engine causes the ship to go off course, sending them into the unchartered Outer Galaxy. To make matters worse, radiation is spreading through the ship and all communications have been cut off due to engine failures. Buzz puts Carol and Tonga to work constructing an atomic device, while he, the Major and Happy attempt to cut the ship in two. The plans involves blowing up the damaged half to attract attention before they travel out of sight forever.

# 26 "RACE AGAINST DEATH" June 23, 1951

During an official reception at the Governor's mansion on the planet Mars, the Governor's son pressures Tonga into taking a space ride with him, unaware that he has stolen his father's space coupe. Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy begin a chase through space that ends with all of them being buried alive in a crystallized cave with very little hope for escape. (NEW UNIFORMS introduced in this show.)


Through the United Planets Communications Commission's Monitor Room comes a message that the underground city of Temphi, Capitol of the lost civilization of the Carnacans, has been discovered in the Martian Desert. Commander Buzz Corry, always fascinated by the Carnacan history, goes exploring with Cadet Happy and Carol to learn who or what is transmitting radio messages from the ancient city with a 1,000 year old transmitter.

# 28 "THE DEADLY WEAPON" July 7, 1951

A 20th Century weapon is stolen from the United Planets Museum and turns up in the hands of a dangerous convict escaping from the Terra Honor Farm. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy lead an exciting chase on the speedways at daredevil velocities to recapture the fugitive and recover the antique weapon. They have a treacherous surprise when their foe is finally cornered.

# 29 "THE LEGEND OF WILD MAN'S RIDGE" July 14, 1951

Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Tonga are forced to crash land in the barren Wastelands of Kralic on the planet Mars. They have to leave the spaceship and the precious spacephone, their only hope of rescue, due to lethal radiations spreading from the engine room. Soon lost in the wilderness, they are stalked by a frightening legend the Wild Man of the Ridge.

# 30 "WAY STATION TO THE STARS" July 21, 1951

Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Carol and Gerald Mazzman a civil surveyor and engineer, are on their way to the outermost planet, Pluto, to plan construction of a new Space Patrol Way Station. However, some mysterious magnetic force interferes with their landing, disrupting all power in their spaceship. They are left stranded in a desolate area of Pluto until Mazzman makes a discovery that puts all of their lives in jeopardy.

# 31 "THE HIDDEN REFLECTOR" July 28, 1951

The High jacking Of Procyne cargo ship 16 is the latest in a series of mysterious high jackings of the Procyne Transport Company's cargo carrying spaceships. Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Major Robertson, investigating the problem must endure the constant badgering of the disagreeable owner of the transport company. After narrowly escaping a collision with Jupiter's fourth moon, the Space Patrol trio face an unexpected challenge aboard a pirated ship.

# 32 "THE DANGEROUS DISCOVERY" August 4, 1951

While preparing to attend a dance at the Recreation Center, Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Tonga are called upon to help Pop Hanson, a top archeologist on Higgins Planetoid. Hanson has discovered an indestructible weapon capable of destroying the entire solar system. The weapon was Invented by the ancient Carnacans and is so dangerous that it caused the Carnacans to leave this Galaxy. The weapon has been stolen by Hanson's assistant, and the Space Patrollers face the threat of holocaust to the Solar System as the assistant threatens to push the button triggering the weapon if Buzz and Happy attempt to recover it.


Dr.'s Marston and Hillier, Chief Astronomers at the Moorhouse Observatory, sight an unidentifiable object in the dim ranges of the universal perimeter. They call in Commander Corry, along with Cadet Happy and Carol, to investigate. The object is a spaceship from a highly advanced civilization, left orbiting in the solar system for hundreds of years. A robot left operating in the mysterious ship gives Buzz and his comrades the horrifying answer to what became of the crew.

# 34 "THE UNDERWATER HIDEOUT" August 18, 1951

The two accomplices of the captured payroll robber, Sobia, try to force Buzz to order Sobial's release. What started as a routine flight to Earth for Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Major Robertson turns into terrifying adventure when the two criminals nearly ram the Commanders ship in space. They lead Buzz and his comrades to their hideout at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, where they attempt to force Buzz, by a brutal attack on Happy, to order Sobia's release.

# 35 "A BIG WHEEL NAMED FERRIS" August 25, 1951

Cadet Happy is assigned to greet a future Cadet in the Space Patrol, Ferris Macklin, son of the Governor of Triton. Ferris, a spoiled smart aleck, shows his true self to Happy, but to Commander Corry he uses the facade of a serious, respectful young man. Accompanied by Tonga and Jo Vance, a beautiful young cadet, the group blasts off for Saturn on a tour of its installations. Ferris pilots them into the middle of a ring of meteoric debris and then blames their predicament on Happy.

Space Patrol Crew # 36 "THE VINDICTIVE BROTHER" September 1, 1951

Commander Corry's old school pal, Fred Masterson of Masterson Aircar Company, is nearly killed in a bombing attempt of his office. Thinking it is the work of rival aircar manufacturers resenting his development of a new power plant which will lower the price of aircars. He retires to his lodge to complete work on the plant in secret, and is visited by Buzz, Happy and Carol. It is here that Buzz meets Fred's younger brother, Sam, and learns, almost too late, that Sam has his own reasons for wanting Fred out of the way.

# 37 "PHOTOGRAPH OF A TRAITOR" September 8, 1951

Cadet Happy's hobby of photography plays an important part in the apprehension of two criminals committing space robberies of payroll ships. Commander Corry and Major Robertson aware that a Space Patrol officer is involved in the crimes, find the photo clue that enables them to rescue Tonga and Happy just in the nick of time.

# 38 "THE COURAGEOUS COWARD" September 15, 1951

On their way from Terra to Earth to deliver 50,000 credits for the Terra Awards, Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Carol are held up by an interplanetary gangster. The ganster bullied a frightened mechanic, who was recently released from Terra Detention, into smuggling him on board the Terra IV. However the ex con comes through bravely and prevents his old pal from leaving the Space Patrollers on Earth's moon to die.

# 39 "THE THEFT OF THE SCRAMBLER" September 22, 1951

Carol Carlisle and her laboratory assistant, Selma, complete their work on a "scrambler", a transmitter receiver designed to decode secret messages sent between Space Patrol ships and Space Patrol Headquarters. However, Carol unintentionally walks in on Selma and her boyfriend in the act of stealing the decoder. Kidnapping Carol, the couple are caught in the middle of a cloud of meteoric debris that cripples their ship and forces them to signal the Space Patrol for help. Commander Corry, Major Robertson and Cadet Happy come to their rescue, and unaware that they have stolen the Scrambler, transport them to the Terra IV. They prepare to blast the damaged ship with the unconscious Carol hidden on board, with a cosmic missile.


Commander Corry, Tonga and Cadet Happy blast off to explore an obsolete space station called Prometheus, orbiting Ganymede, Jupiter's fourth moon, which is soon to be destroyed by Space Safety. Boarding the station they are threatened by an old space criminal who had remained on Prometheus for forty years. He resists their efforts to remove him. Preoccupied, they fail to hear the broadcast warning all ships in the vicinity that hydrogen torpedoes will explode the station within minutes.

# 41 "IMMEDIATE DISASTER" October 6, 1951

The Terra Express Flagship with a thousand passengers on board, including Carol Carlisle, is hit broadside by a derelict cosmic missile, but does not explode. Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy risk their lives to save the passengers as they successfully disarm the war head. But Happy is knocked unconscious and Buzz receives serious gamma radiation burns, requiring a blood transfusion to save his life.

# 42 "LUNATICS FROM THE FUTURE" October 13, 1951

Testing a new star drive, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy travel faster than the speed of light and backwards in time to the 20th Century, the year 1950, and a New England farm. Unaware that they have been transported in time, they find themselves held at gunpoint by a farmer and his wife who firmly believe that Buzz and Happy have escaped from the local asylum.

# 43 "THE SPACE PATROL CODE BELT" October 20, 1951

A trio of space criminals evade Commander Corry and his Cadet as they steal the pay rolls from the Ursa Transport Co.'s ships. One is the pilot, one works in the Space Patrol Code Room (giving the crooks the code of the day) and one is a beautiful, but ruthless woman who foils both Happy and Buzz. (This adventure features the Space Patrol Code belt premium.)

# 44 "THE FLOATING IMAGE IN SPACE" October 27, 1951

Commander Corry and Cadet Happy find the weird reports that there is the image of a man floating in space difficult to believe until they receive the same report firsthand from the Secretary General's daughter, Carol. As she sees the image of a man in flowing robes, holding a torch, she is blinded by a brilliant flash of light which cuts off the power in her spaceship. Then an ominous Voice proclaims the invasion of the United Planets by a superior intelligence.

# 45 "SECRET PERIL" November 3, 1951

Commander Corry, Major Robertson, Cadet Happy and Carol, while investigating the sabotage of a top secret Laboratory Ship on the planet Venus, unravel an unscrupulous scheme and find themselves seconds away from being in the center of an atomic explosion.

# 46 "THE PARASITE DISC" November 10, 1951

What looks to be a surgical bandage actually hides a device that, when taped to the back of the neck gives a professor complete control over the will of its victims. The removal of the tape would also send an electronic shock through the brain and cause instant death. Thus armed, the treacherous professor aims to control all persons of authority in the United Planets, beginning with Carol Carlisle and Tonga.

# 47 "THE SECRET Of TERRA" November 17, 1951

A power mad renegade from the Space Patrol, Major Gruell and his confederate Lt. Barin, plot the destruction of the United Planets from a hidden fortress on the planet Mars. They steal a locket containing the secret of Terra and worn by the Secretary General. Brutally effecting the theft, the lieutenant escapes to Mars with Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy in pursuit.

# 48 "JUNGLE OF NO RETURN" November 24, 1951

Major Robertson, on a routine inspection of his security posts on Venus, crash lands in the savage Mogi Jungle. No man has ever returned from the jungle. He is captured by the uncivilized, hostile natives while signaling for help. Buzz and Happy come to his aid and are themselves captured and taken to Pago, a brutal, half mad scoundrel who believes the Space Patrollers are after the jewels he has stole from the Mogi natives.

# 49 "PRISON OF DEADLY GAS" December 1, 1951

Endurium is the metal from which the hulls of spaceships are fashioned. An Endurium mill located inside one of Jupiter's moons becomes a trouble area when successive quakes endanger the Atomic pile needed for its operation. Captain Doherty, who is in charge, calls the Space Patrol for help and Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Major Robertson and Tonga, investigating the damage caused by the quakes, are overcome by escaping Nagrom, a deadly gas.

# 50 "THE SACRIFICE" December 8, 1951

Tonga and Carol are at the Morehouse Observatory on the planet Pluto when they receive word from Security Communications that a cloud of meteoric debris is rapidly approaching the solar system. They communicate the news to Commander Corry, on a training flight with Cadet Happy, who scatters the cloud with a cosmic missile. However, a meteoric particle hits their ship, cutting off their power and causing a dangerous loss of pressure. Buzz knocks out Happy and injects him into Outer Space, then blows up the ship, exposing himself to lethal radiation, in the hope that the explosion will bring someone to rescue Happy.

# 51 "TEST FLIGHT OF THE GALAXY" December 15, 1951

Carol Carlisle has designed a magnetic ship shaped like a metal sphere capable of the speed of light, and takes Commander Corry and Cadet Happy on a test flight. She is kidnapped by two of the workmen who threaten her in an attempt to force her to pilot the ship after ditching Buzz and Happy on one of Jupiter's moons. Carol craftily manages to alert major Robertson to their dilemma and he comes to their rescue.

# 52 "FAIR EXCHANGE" December 22, 1951

A convicted criminal, Karl Krone, vows he will be freed by his brother, Vito, despite the fact that all his thoughts have been read by the Space Patrols brainograph. Sure enough, the wily Vito kidnaps Cadet Happy and offers his life for Karl's freedom. Commander Buzz Corry, powerless to rescue Happy is forced to agree to the illegal trade. He is promptly double crossed by the brothers who have left Happy stranded on a moon with a limited supply of oxygen.

# 53 "THE COUNTERFEIT PUZZLE" December 29, 1951

Commander Corry and Cadet Happy blast off on a routine inspection flight to several planets, leaving Carol, Tonga and Major Robertson to apprehend a counterfeiting ring operating on Terra. As Tonga reports that despite strict security precautions, the counterfeit money is appearing on first one and then another of the various planets, Buzz and Happy never suspect that they are carrying the money aboard the Terra IV.

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