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January 3, 1953 to December 26, 1953
Episode # 106 - # 157

Stand by to blast off

#106 "THE HUMAN TARGETS" January 3, 1953

Commander Corry and Major Robertson stop on Venus while on their way to Pluto. However the Commander and Major soon find that they are human targets not destined to complete their original mission.

#107 "THE RIFLE ARSENAL" January 10, 1953

Commander Corry is alerted to an attempt to take over the government of Terra when 3,000 paralyzer ray guns disappear from the Space Patrol arsenal. With the help of Happy and Carol Carlise the Space Patrollers foil the plot of two power-hungry adventures to control the United Planets.

#108 "THE STOLEN PRISONER" January 17, 1953

Buzz Corry and Happy are cross examining Shrager, a stubborn and silent witness, with the use of the Brainograph. The machine discloses the existence of a secret plot by an organization operating undercover between the planets. The plot menaces the peace and security of the United Planets but before Buzz can set up proper precautions, Shrager is handed over to the plotters.

#109 "THE DEADLY FLOWER" January 24, 1953

Without any logical explanation, a mass exodus by the population on the planet Neptune poses a security problem for the Space Patrol.

# 110 "RUNAWAY PLANETOID" January 31, 1953

While testing a Space Patrol battle-cruiser, Buzz and Happy are thrown into a harrowing encounter with a runaway planetoid. Battling to steer clear of the hurtling planetoid, Buzz and Happy face the possibility of losing their co-ordinates and not reaching Terra.

# 111 "RADIOACTIVE CAVE" February 7, 1953

The initial inspection of a proposed site of a new Space Patrol Way Station in Mercury's Twilight Belt sends Buzz, Happy and Robbie into a strange adventure. Persons unknown to members of the Space Patrol have seemingly taken over the proposed site with intentions to use it as the base for illegal traffic. The nature of the illegal traffic poses a baffling mystery.

# 112 "TRIP TO DEIMOS" February 14, 1953

A space ship of the battle-cruiser class carrying a payroll of 30,000 Credits, disappears en route to the moon Deimos. Suddenly, as through from out of nowhere, the pilot of the missing battle cruiser shows up in the office of Space Patrol. The missing pilot astounds Buzz, Happy, and Robbie with a tale of adventure in the wild, vast regions of space.

#113 "OPERATION RESCUE" February 21, 1953

One of the many duties of the Space Patrol is to keep the space lanes safe for travel. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy fly into danger to save a space ship caught in the Asteroid Belt.

#114 "SURVIVAL IN THE ICE DESERT" February 28, 1953

Major Robertson has been kidnapped by two space criminals. While Searching for Robbie, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy walk into a trap that will leave them stranded miles from civilization on the dreaded Ice Desert of Mars. Their own space ship stolen, Buzz and Happy investigate the charred wreckage of Major Robertson's ship in an attempt to find a means of escape from the ice-caps surrounding them. Fighting the bitter cold, Buzz and happy realize that they must take immediate action before this region of ice becomes their tomb.

#115 "SPACE FATIGUE" March 7, 1953

A conspiracy to have Buzz Corry removed from his office as Commander-in-Chief of the Space Patrol has been carefully plotted. Buzz is baffled by his inability to perform routine tests and doctors at the Medical Science Center inform him that he must be grounded. Buzz signs papers that will relieve him of his post due to his "illness". Meanwhile, Major Robertson and Cadet Happy conduct an investigation of their own.

#116 "THREAT TO TERRA" March 14, 1953

Somewhere in the City of Terra a raving maniac has planted a bomb, threatening to blow Space Patrol out of existence. Buzz Corry, Cadet Happy, and Major Robertson find themselves in a race against time when the fiendish plot to destroy the man-made planet is uncovered through the use of the Brainograph.

#117 "JAIL BREAK" March 21, 1953

Cadet Happy is planted as a prisoner in the new escape-proof detention quarters which has been the scene of several mysterious jail breaks. Hap is included in plans for the next "break" when his identity is discovered by a prisoner. Hap is surprised by the prisoner while trying to get word of the attempt to Commander Corry. Happy is taken by gun point to the uninhabitable satellite, Titan, where he tries to stay alive long enough to be rescued by his Commander.

# 118 "THE LAUGHING ALIEN" March 28, 1953

Commander Buzz Corry employs the use of mental telepathy when his powers of thought are challenged by a stranger from another star system. Vexed by continuous visions of Cadet Happy in danger, Corry issues a bulletin to all members of the United Planets to be on the lookout for a stranger from another star system. Buzz's premonition of danger is confirmed when Cadet Happy disappears and Major Robertson sends an alert that the Space Patrol Headquarters is on fire.

#119 "THE VITAL FACTOR" April 4, 1953

Carol has fallen victim to a dreaded space disease and to expedite prompt care and treatment Buzz Corry attempts to contact a unit Space Patrol doctor. The Doctor has been kidnapped by a dangerous criminal and Time is a vital factor. Buzz must apprehend the criminal and find the Doctor who can save Carol's life.

#120 "SPACE MAIL ROBBERY" April 11, 1953

A space ship carrying confidential microfilm is looted en route to the planet Mars.

#121 "THE SPACE WANDERER" April 18, 1953

A strange new planet is attracted to our solar system. An Earth scientist and his daughter set out to investigate the newly arrived visitor fearing that it may disappear just as suddenly as it had appeared. What they do not know is that the strange planet is largely composed of an atmosphere that decomposes metals in a matter of minutes.

# 122 "BIG IMPERSONATION" April 25, 1953

There appears to be conclusive evidence that Commander Corry is secretly involved in a plot to undermine the activities of the Security Council. Infuriated by the accusation, Corry breaks free from the security guards who are escorting him to the detention quarters. Cadet Happy and Major Robertson are assigned the duty of capturing Buzz and returning him to prison.


A space storm of contraterrence, a complex composite of inside-out matter, is headed for our solar system. Due to its complex make-up of the contraterence, it is capable of destroying the entire solar system. In an attempt to divert the course of the storm, Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy undertake the dangerous assignment of plotting the progress of the storm and analyzing its characteristics.

#124 "THE DEADLY GLACIER" May 9, 1953

An oversize glacier on earth is under investigation and further accumulation of ice on the huge glacier may cause the Earth's axis to shift, The glacier would create ferocious storms, floods and earthquakes. Buzz Corry has ordered cosmic bombs to blast the glacier so that it will no longer present any danger to the planet. However, Cadet Happy is conducting his own investigation right on top the glacier that is scheduled for disintegration.

#125 "THE MUTATION BOMB" May 16, 1953

A hidden treasure and greed lead to the discovery of one of the most diabolically destructive weapons ever conceived by mankind. The weapon threatens the lives of the inhabitants of the planet Mars.

#126 "PHANTOM SPACE SHIP" May 23, 1953

Cadet Happy mysteriously disappears when he is dispatched to investigate a derelict space ship. The phantom ship, which appears to be floating aimlessly through an open space lane, poses a threat of collision with other ships in the lane.

#127 "THE GREEN PLAGUE" May 30, 1953

Inhabitants of Mars are thrown into a state of panic when the "Green Plague" strikes the City of Canali and threatens the entire planet with famine. Because the origin of the plague is unknown it is necessary to quarantine the city and allow no one to leave or enter. Buzz Corry and the Space Patrol are assigned the task of abating the panic and averting disaster.

#128 "THE FRAUD OF TITAN" June 6, 1953

Todd Station is a privately owned space port located on the sixth moon of Saturn. The Station becomes the center of action and intrigue when Stanton, an appraisal engineer, attempts to swindle the elderly Todds, owners of the station, out of their property. Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Major Robertson come to the rescue.

STANTON: Marvin Miller. JIM TODD: I. Stanford Jolley. AUNT SYBIL: Edith Evanson. TRUCK TODD: Wayne Taylor.

Tonga and Carol - Inspection #129 "THE MAN WHO STOLE A CITY" June 13, 1953

Houses, space ships and civic buildings mysteriously disappear. Baffled by the fantastic occurrences, Commander Corry summons the assistance of one of the leading scientists of the United Planets, only to discover that he too has disappeared

#130 "GIGANTIC SPACE KNIFE" June 20, 1953

A well-traveled space lane becomes the scene for a series of the most daring interplanetary hijackings ever perpetrated against the United Planets. Buzz Corry and the Space Patrol gang prepare a trap which will catch the bandits in action. The plan goes awry when the space freighter on which Major Robertson has been planted is attacked and neatly cut in two. The portion of the ship holding valuable mineral deposits is drawn by magnetism to an unknown destination but the cockpit in which Robbie is seated is left floating aimlessly in space.

#131 "SPACE PATROL MICROSCOPE" June 27, 1953

Buzz Corry and Cadet Haps narrowly escape injury when a flying missile scores a direct hit on the Terra V. Seriously crippled, the battlecruiser limps through space. Presuming that Buzz and Happy have met their fate, the bandit space ship feel free to begin a reign of terror throughout the United Planets.

# 132 "THE THEFT OF THE TERRA FIVE" July 4, 1953

The Terra V is stolen and evidence points to Cadet Happy. The young cadet finds it impossible to account for his whereabouts at the time of the theft and Buzz Corry has no alternative but to order his arrest.

# 133 "MYSTERIOUS OCEAN IN SPACE" July 11, 1953

Buzz Corry and the Space Patrol crew plunge headlong into the middle of an ocean in outer space. To compound the incredible, communications from Earth reports that an unknown influence is draining the Earth's oceans, lakes and rivers.

# 134 "THE STOLEN EVIDENCE" July 18, 1953

The Governor of Mars is convinced that government officials are selling important state secrets. When Commander Corry arrives to investigate, the Governor's daughter is kidnapped and an envelope containing documented evidence against the crooked officials also disappears.

# 135 "TRAITOROUS TRIANGLE" July 25, 1953

Three subverts force entrance into the Capitol of the United Planets and at gun point threaten Carol's life unless the Secretary General turns over secret files to them. Once gaining access to the files the hooded agents could immediately place the United Planets under dictatorial powers and subvert the people of the solar system to slavery. So cleverly devised is the plot that Commander Buzz Corry cannot make a move without risking the lives of the entire Capitol representative body.

#136 "CRASH LANDING" August 1, 1953

A test flight of an atomic-powered space ship has disastrous results when Buzz is forced to make a crash landing in the middle of a desert sandstorm. Unknown to Buzz and Happy, an eight-year-old stowaway faces death by atomic radiation.

#137 '"THE BRAIN MACHINE" August 8, 1953

Buzz Corry and company tangle with a mad scientist with a fiendish scheme, an uncanny brain machine and three men who are strapped to an operating table.

#138 "A DANGEROUS SMOKE CLOUD" August 15, 1953

A super intelligence life form with the appearance of a smoke cloud invades the 30th Century and threatens to capture the minds of its civilization. With Cadet Happy and Major Robertson under the spell of the super force, Commander Corry must combat the menace to save the people of the United Planets.

#139 "THE BLACK FALCON'S RETURN" August 22, 1953

The cunning and ruthless Prince Baccarratti reaches out from the Falcon's lair to spread death and destruction. Possessed with a burning desire to rule the United Planets, Baccarratti devises a plan which will place the Falcon's throne at the head of every planet in the system.

#140 "THE MYSTERY OF PLANET X" August 29, 1953

The mysterious appearance of a new planet, estimated to be five-thousand times the size of Earth, plunges Buzz Corry and his crew into one of the most startling adventures in the history of Space Patrol. Captured by the Earth's sun, the gigantic planet moves ominously into orbit on the outer edge of the solar system.

#141 "THE TRAP OF PLANET X" September 5, 1953

Major Robertson and Tonga face a horde of dinosaurs when they are compelled to land their damaged space ship on the ominous Planet X. Concealed beneath the planet's shroud of swirling mist is a dense, impenetrable jungle, which provides a natural fortress for the villainous Baccarratti.

#142 "THE PRIMITIVE MEN OF PLANET X" September 12, 1953

Buzz Corry is lured into a primitive world from which there may be no escape. Trapped in a gigantic cavern on the ominous Planet X, Buzz is safe from the prehistoric dinosaurs which roam the face of the planet, but he is held at the mercy of a tribe of primitive men.

#143 "THE HATE MACHINE OF PLANET X" September 19, 1953

Prince Baccarratti trains another of his diabolical mechanical creations on Terra to create bitterness, resentment, and dissension among Space Patrol and the people of the United Planets.

#144 "BLACK FALCON'S ESCAPE FROM PLANET X" September 26, 1953

Commander Corry dangles helplessly at the end of a rope over a vapor pit. Major Robertson has been caught in the cunning grip of the wolf plants of Planet X. Prince Baccarratti lears ominously, certain of his eventual triumph over the Space Patrol and the United Planets.

#145 "RESONANCE IMPELLER" October 3, 1953

Prince Baccarratti shocks the people of Terra with the news that Buzz Corry, Cadet Happy and Major Robertson have been strangled by man-eating wolf plants on Planet X. With the deaths of Corry and his crew it becomes possible for the ruthless Baccarratti to assume supreme rulership of the United Planets. As evidence of his powers, Baccarratti beams a Resonance Impeller Ray on Terra. The man-made Capitol quakes under the ray and a terrified plea for mercy is sent to Planet X.

A surprise for Tonga and Cadet Happy #146 "THE ICE DEMON OF PLANET X" October 10, 1953

Having survived strangulation by the treacherous wolf plants, Buzz and Happy find themselves in an equally perilous situation when the cunning Baccarratti lures the space heroes to the nesting grounds of the Ice Demon of Planet X.

#147 "THE SLAVES OF PLANET X" October 17, 1953

Trapped in a mine beneath the surface of the Black Falcon's stronghold, Buzz and Happy learn the hideous secret behind their imprisonment. A narrow shaft in the side of the rock turns out to be the entrance into a valuable mineral ore mine. Once inside the tunnel, Buzz and Happy make the startling discovery that the ore is being mined by two captured scientists and a crew of tortured dwarfs.

#148 "THE GIANT OF PLANET X" October 24, 1953

Frantically trying to escape the clutches of Buzz and Happy, Prince Baccarratti spares the lives of the space heroes, but reduces them to the size of dwarfs with the use of the diabolical Diminisher Machine.

#149 "THE IRON EATERS OF PLANET X" October 31, 1953

Buzz and Happy faces the peril of having their ship destroyed by a gigantic metal-eating worm, while Tonga is taken to the Valley of the Dinosaurs and left their to die.

#150 "THE FALCON'S WEB OF PLANET X" November 7, 1953

Prince Baccarratti lays yet another devilish trap to destroy the Space Patrol. This time he devises a scheme that sends Buzz and Happy zooming headlong into a force barrier.

#151 "CASTLE'S DESTRUCTION ON PLANET X" November 14, 1953

Prince Baccarratti is forced to evacuate his castle on Planet X, putting into effect Plan Z-1. Activating a prearranged time mechanism designed to blow up the castle, the Black Falcon flees his stronghold through an escape tube in a magnetic car.

#152 "VALLEY OF ILLUSION" November 21, 1953

Prince Baccarratti flees from his castle to the Valley of Illusion, where nothing is what it seems to be. Buzz and Happy follow and find themselves in a surrealistic land fighting flesh less images projected into the Valley of Illusion.

#153 "DOOM OF PLANET X" November 28, 1953

After escaping a fourth dimension trap, Buzz, Major Robertson, and Happy destroy the Time Warp Machine and conquer the villainous Black Falcon, Prince Baccarratti.

#154 "ALIEN AND THE ROBOT" December 5, 1953

Investigating the mysterious theft of electronics equipment from laboratories on Mars, Buzz Corry, Major Robertson and Cadet Happy meet Letha, a Gorgeous exile from outer space. She is accompanied by a brutish robot and uses a fiendish retardo-ray machine. Letha has already paralyzed Dr. Cameron Stanton with the retardo-ray and deals with Robbie and Happy in the same manner. She hopes of using the ray on them will be examples to others in a "payoff-or-else" shakedown scheme. Commander Corry meanwhile has an ultimatum: join her in the racket or become the retardo-ray's fourth victim.

#155 "THE ROBOT'S ESCAPE" December 12, 1953

Commander Corry continues his fight to protect the United Planets from falling under the clutches of Letha, an alien woman from deep in the Outer Galaxy. Letha, with her human-like robot and a weapon called the Retardo-ray, seeks to destroy the security of the solar system.

#156 "THE CITY OF LIVING STATUES" December 19, 1953

Letha, a tall blonde alien from deep in the Outer Galaxy and her human-appearing Robot Five, escape from Mars Space Headquarters with the Retardo-ray and turn Canali into the City of the Living Statues.


Two unscrupulous miners pilfer an asteroid on which Prospector Haskins has staked a claim. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy solve the mystery and capture the culprits.

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