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January 5, 1951 to December 27, 1952
Episodes # 54 - # 105

Carol,Tonga and Terra IV

# 54 "FLOWERS OF DEATH" January 5, 1952

A threat made by a prisoner being dematerialized into suspended animation against the lives of Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Major Robertson and a Space Patrol lieutenant is carried out. A bouquets of deadly Narcola flowers is delivered to each of the four potential victims. The illegal, innocent appearing flowers give off a very fatal fragrance and Buzz and Happy are caught in a room full of them.

# 55 "COSMIC SMOKE GUNS" January 12, 1952

A shipment of eight crates of a brand new weapon, a cosmic smoke gun , arrives at Space Patrol Headquarters minus the guns. The gun puts its victims to sleep instantly. Discovering this, Major Robertson is shot by the delivery man, who escapes with the guns to his employer on Venus. When Robbie and Tonga attempt to arrest the two culprits, they are shot and placed unconscious aboard their ship. The ship is on a collision course with the moon Deimos and Commander Corry has only a few minutes to board the ship in flight and change its course. (This adventure features the Cosmic Smoke Gun premium.)

# 56"LOST IN THE SNOW CAP REGION OF MARS" January 19, 1952

Carol follows a wanted criminal from the Mercury Space Port to Mars, where he and his accomplice have a hideout in the snow cap region. Carol is captured and Buzz and Happy are captured when they arrive to rescue her. Carol, under the effects of the cosmic smoke gun, wanders out of an abandoned cave and is lost in the snow covered terrain. Buzz And Happy must escape through an active volcano in the cave and find Carol before she freezes.

# 57 "EXPLOSION ON MOREHOUSE FIVE" January 26, 1952

An explosion on a newly colonized planetoid, Morehouse Five, causes it to move from its orbit. It is destined to pass so closely to the sun that no one on the planetoid can remain alive. Commander Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy face great peril in their attempt to save a space prospector and his granddaughter from the threatened planetoid.

# 58 "THE EVIL GUARDIAN OF HARPOLA" February 2, 1952

While Tonga is working in a Security Department Ordnance Lab located on a tiny asteroid in space, she accidentally uncovers a hidden passageway to an underground city of the lost civilization of the Carnacans. Commander Corry, puzzled by the recent appearance of an ancient Carnacan deadly weapon, goes to the asteroid with Cadet Happy to investigate Tonga's discovery. All three fall victim to a robot brandishing a paralyzing whip antenna. The robot is run by a nefarious character who says he is a member of the lost race of Carnacans that disappeared a thousand years ago.

# 59 "HIT BY A METEORITE" February 9, 1952

While on a pleasure trip from Terra to Earth, Commander Buzz Corry and the Space Patrol crew are caught in a storm of meteorites brought about by the appearance of Trackenger's comet. Disabled by a meteorite lodged in the hull of their ship, they have no power to alert Space Control on Earth of their condition. Unless the meteorite can be dislodged it will burst into flame and set the Terra IV on fire when it enters Earth's atmosphere. Avoiding that, the Space Patrollers will still crash into Earth unless Space Control is sharp enough to note their speed and use the magnetic force control to land the crippled ship.

# 60 "PLANETOID PLOT " February 16, 1952

In a plot to rob payroll ships flying within range of their planetoid, two interplanetary thieves blind Commander Corry and Cadet Happy with a photon bomb as they travel from Terra to Jupiter carrying a 75,000 credits payroll. Their battle cruiser is then hit with a magnetic disrupter, which cuts all power including communications with Major Robertson. The ship is lands by magnetic force control at the villain's hideout, where Buzz and Happy are imprisoned and then directed to walk into a deep chasm.

# 61 "VICTIM OF AMNESIA" February 23, 1952

Preparing to blast off an a routine mission to Venus, Tonga suffers a life threatening radiation burn that must be treated promptly . However, Tonga falls when departing from the space car, hits her head and becomes a victim of amnesia. Meanwhile, two prisoners have escaped from detention quarters and choose Tonga's space car as their getaway car. They take the bewildered Tonga with them on their escape. Discovering Tonga's absence and failure to report for medical aid, Major Robertson, Commander Corry and Cadet Happy follow her trail to Mars. She has been abandoned on one of the moons and they must find her.

# 62 "THE LIEUTENANT'S REVENGE" March 1, 1952

Seeking revenge against the Space Patrol and Commander Buzz Corry for dismissing him from its ranks, ex Lt. Graham is hired as a mechanic in the Space Patrol maintenance Shop. Thus employed he sabotages spaceships causing three to crash, including the Terra IV with Commander Corry aboard. Buzz and Happy trace down the responsible party, but not before he arranges for Carol Carlisle to have an "accident".

# 63 "THE MIND READERS" March 8, 1952

Surveying a runaway planet passing through the solar system, Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Major Robertson and Carol land to investigate. A light sighted on the dark side of the strange planet lead them to the discovery of two weird outcasts from an alien star system who communicate solely by mental telepathy. Possessing the ability to read the minds of the Space Patroller, the menacing aliens prevent any successful resistance. They threatening Carol and force Buzz to blast off, leaving Happy and Robbie on the doomed planet.

# 64 "SLAVES OF THE EXONIUM MINE" March 15, 1952

Three citizens disappear after leaving Terra for Earth in their spaceship. Commander Corry, Tonga and Cadet Happy, receive an anonymous call directing them to fly over the Dust Bowl of Venus if they wish to learn something of the missing men. However, they are taken prisoner by the ruthless Brunner and forced to work as slave laborers in the Exonium mine of Venus.

# 65 "ABANDONED IN OUTER SPACE" March 22, 1952

In a Research Laboratory on the planet Mars, Carol and Tonga create a synthetic form of Radurium, an invaluable and very rare drug used in the treatment of cosmic and radiation burns. Before they can deliver the formula to Terra, Carol and Tonga are kidnapped by two ruthless killers. They steal the formula and abandon the girls in space. Buzz Corry and Cadet Happy capture the villains, who lead them to where they deserted the girls, only to find no trace of Carol or Tonga an hour after their oxygen supply would have run out.

# 66 "THE GREAT BANK ROBBERY" March 29, 1952

After personally installing an alarm system in the Terra Interplanetary Reserve Bank, Major Robertson is forced to assist in a robbery of two million credits. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy investigate and track Robbie and his captor to Asteroid 41. They find the grim remains of their space car after a fatal crash.


While surveying the site of a new Lunar Fleet Base on the Earth's moon, the chief engineer, Lt Bruce, discovers a rich surface deposit of rare Exonium. Keeping the discovery secret he recommends that the base be constructed elsewhere due to tremors that he reports having felt. Commander Corry rejects his recommendation and the base is constructed. Major Robertson and Tonga are in charge of selecting personnel and opening operations. Securing the position of maintenance engineer, Lt. Bruce then creates his own moonquakes, damaging several buildings and endangering the lives of the Space Patrollers until Buzz uncovers the lieutenant's greedy scheme.

# 68 "THE PHANTOM FLEET" April 12, 1952

Commander Buzz Corry, with Cadet Happy and Carol, receives an emergency report from Professor Bradshaw aboard a Laboratory Ship orbiting Pluto. An unknown objects are rapidly approaching the solar system from the Outer Galaxy. The ship's radar scope shows what they assume to be a fleet of ships invading the United Planets. A voice broadcasts a warning about a phantom fleet, a force from the planet Maxim, indicating that resistance is futile. When met by the Space Patrol the enemy ships seem to disappear and yet succeed in carrying out their threat to attack the planet Earth, warning that Terra will be their next target.

# 69 "TROUBLE ON TITAN" April 19, 1952

While accompanying Major Robertson in his inspection of the Security Detention Colony on Titan, Carol Carlisle is taken hostage by an escaping criminal brandishing a hand fashioned weapon similar to a heat ray. Retreating into the rocks and threatening to kill Carol if anyone approaches, he seriously wounds Robbie. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy are summoned to aid in Carol's rescue. They relieve Robbie and his guards and go after the desperate killer alone.

# 70 "SACRIFICE TO THE MOON GOD" April 26, 1952

Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Carol and Tonga are again experimenting with the new faster than light star drive when relays freeze and send them rocketing into the past for the second time. This time to the era of the Aztecs. Exploring alone Carol is taken captive and prepared to be sacrificed to the Moon God. Buzz and Happy, disguise themselves as Aztec priests. They must prevent her death in the presence of hundreds of Indians, as the High Priest ceremoniously raises the sacrificial knife over the helpless Carol.

# 71 "UNCERTAIN DEATH" May 3, 1952

Cadet Happy takes a novice cadet on his first space flight, but neglects to check his on-board equipment for space suits. He discovers his oversight when a leak develops in the ship. When happy fails to respond to a routine check, Commander Corry and Tonga go to the rescue. They do not realize that both cadets have secured themselves in the air lock and if they open the hatch to affect rescue would mean their certain death.

# 72 "INVASION" May 10, 1952

A meteor from the Outer Galaxy suddenly breaks from its orbit just outside the solar system and crashes into one of Saturn's moon. Commander Corry confirms his suspicion that the meteor is really a disguised alien spaceship. If Buzz and Cadet Happy fail to call within an hour Major Robertson is to destroy the entire moon to insure the safety of the United Planets. Inside the meteor, Buzz and Happy find a de-materialization chamber ready to receive aliens who plan to infiltrate and colonize the United Planets. When two aliens materialize Buzz take action and barely escapes being teleported to the aliens overcrowded planet.


En route to Terra, Commander Corry, Cadet Happy and Tonga reflect on the possibilities of yet another attempt by the aliens from the meteor to invade the United Planets. They effect the rescue of a man calling himself Captain Quick, who claims he was left floating in space by his first mate on an ore carrier. Tracking down the ship, the Terra IV is swallowed up by it and the three Space Patrollers are taken prisoner by Therma. Therma is a Thorman using Captain Quick as an accomplice. Therma requests a ransom of 50,000 credits for the release of her prisoners and it is not until Major Robertson appears with the ransom that Commander Corry is able to turn the tables on Captain Quick and Therma


The Space Patrol is now completely alerted to the sinister threat posed by a secret invasion of aliens from the deep Outer Galaxy. The Thormanoids may hold important posts in the United Planets because they look exactly like humans. However, the Thormanoids are able to walk through walls and must wear insulators in order to live in a human climate. Commander Corry and Cadet Happy came very near meeting their end beneath the Terra Jet Express when they attempt to capture two of the Thormanoids masquerading as Space Patrol officers.

space battle # 75 "JUNGLE JEOPARDY"May 31, 1952

Major Robertson and Carol Carlisle follow two of the Thormanoids to the Venusian jungle. When Robbie is knocked unconscious and Carol taken captive by hostile natives, Commander Corry is alerted by spacephone and comes to the rescue with cadet Happy. They uncover one of the secret teleportation stations of the Thormanoids hidden in the jungle.

# 76 "THE SCHEMING SIBLING" June 7, 1952

Commander Corry's young secretary, Lois, is held hostage along with Cadet Happy by her vicious brother. Her brother is being sought for the theft of secret documents. Trapped into promising to turn himself in, the brother almost succeeds in ambushing Commander Corry.

# 77 "DANGER ON MARS" June 14, 1952

A couple of old prospectors stumble over an opening in the foothills of the Kralik mountains and discover evidence that it served as a shelter for Earth's first settlers on Mars. Commander Buzz Corry joins the men at the scene, which becomes cloaked in mystery and danger when they find themselves pinned down by a hidden barrage of gun fire.

# 78 "MISSION TO MERCURY" June 21, 1952

Cadet Happy is sent on an important mission to Mercury with a briefcase full of papers which put the finger on an interplanetary official involved in a bribery scandal. In an unguarded moment the suspect replaces the contents of the case with a time bomb.

# 79 "THE DEADLY RAY GUN" June 28, 1952

Commander Buzz Corry investigates a report that ray guns used in the 30th Century have been adapted to fire deadly missiles and are being smuggled into the man-made planet of Terra in large numbers. A number of attempts made on his life in the course of the investigation convinces Buzz that he is on the right track.

# 80 "THE FORCE BARRIER" July 5, 1952

A scientist has developed a force field barrier at Space Patrol research laboratory on earth and decides to keep the invention a secret. Employing the barrier as a shield to protect himself, he makes his getaway with Commander Corry in hot pursuit.

# 81 "THE IRON FIST" July 12, 1952

A 20th Century Earth "protection" shakedown racket becomes a 30th Century problem for Commander Buzz Corry. Buzz falls victim to the racket when he is badly beaten and like the previous victims is guaranteed that it will not happen again if he is prepared to pay for "protection".


Commander Buzz Corry, Happy, and Tonga become involved in a harrowing adventure when two dangerous criminals overcome the trio in an out of control space ship which is hurtling toward the planet Earth.


Buzz Corry, with Cadet Happy, Carol and Tonga aboard the Commander's ship, the Terra Five, test its powerful star drive. The new ship accelerates them beyond the speed of light 6,000 years into the past to Ancient Egypt in the year 2700 B.C. Their mission, to discover how a piece of 30th Century metal could have gotten into the ruins of ancient Egypt.


Major Robertson and Cadet Happy are on a routine space flight when they sight a square-rigged sailing vessel flying the Jolly Roger floating in space. Walking the deck are two men without space suits.


Cadet Happy is scheduled to join Commander Corry in an emergency flight to carry Radurium to epidemic stricken Mercury. But Hap is kidnapped by two adventurers who plan to steal the valuable serum. Only Buzz Corry's skill and daring outwits the criminals and save the precious substance.

# 86 "BLACKMAIL AT LAKE AZURE" August 16, 1952

A pair of villainous characters, living at Lake Azure, frame a gullible Cadet Happy in a blackmail plot to spring a criminal out of suspended animation.

# 87 "THE HIDDEN MAP" August 23, 1952

The twelve year old son of a space prospector is led to believe that his father has perished in his quest for a precious metal. The boys "guardian" then seizes possession of a map the prospector has left his son. The map reveals the location of a valuable mine.

# 88 "THE GREEN MOLD OF MARS" August 30, 1952

Thorgan, an enemy of Terra, seizes Tonga and takes her to Mars where she is brainwashed. Tonga is used as an agent in his treacherous scheme against the United Planets in revenge for his being expelled as a member of the United Planets Scientific League.

# 89 "THE GALAXTIC WAR" September 9, 1952

A routine patrol flight into the Outer Galaxy almost ends in disaster for Commander Buzz Corry and his crew when they encounter a radioactive cloud of tremendous size. The radioactive intensity of the cloud overloads the circuits and burns out the wiring of Buzz's ship, forcing him to crash land. Meanwhile, the deadly cloud heads for the United Planets leaving destruction in its wake.

#90 "THE ENERGY THIEF" September 13, 1952

Tonga is sent to investigate a mysterious force operating in the twilight belt of the planet Mercury. She discovers a force greater than atomic power which robs human beings of energy then disappears. Meanwhile, Buzz Cadet Happy and Major Robertson en route to the danger zone, find their space ship disabled by an inexplicable magnetic disruption.

# 91 "SABOTAGE OF THE JUPITER RUN" September 20, 1952

A traveler found floating in space between Venus and Mars provides a clue to a gang of saboteurs seeking to wreck the famous "Jupiter Run." Buzz impersonates the traveler and continues on to the planet Mars. He is soon involved in a series of episodes that place him in the midst of a fantastic conspiracy and in danger of losing his life.

#92 "THE STAR RAIDERS" September 27, 1952

Commander Buzz Corry in his search for the Star Raiders deep in galactic space, encounters an unheard of race of primitive men. Buzz learns that the Star Raiders, though primitive, are in many respects living in a civilization far in advance of any in recorded history. Moreover the Raiders, gifted with a tremendous power of destruction, have decided on the United Planets as their next target.

# 93 "THE CODE BREAKERS" October 4, 1952

Commander Corry and his crew face the loss of the powerful and secret Proton Gun when plotters against universal peace crack the code describing the secret elements of the weapon.

# 94 "ERRAND OF MERCY" October 11, 1952

Buzz streaks through a thousand years into the past to launch a special Blood Boosters Campaign on the present-day Earth. This program ties in with the special eight page Blood Boosters comic book that was offered at this time.

# 95 "UNDERWATER TREACHERY" October 18, 1952

Planetoid 91 is traveling in a strange elliptical orbit on the fringes of the solar system. The planetoid has industrial complexes that are operated entirely under water.

#96 "THE ELECTRONIC MAN" October 25, 1952

Commander Corry finds an electronic transmitter planted on Terra by an alien race. The transmitter is transmitting information concerning the United Planets to their home world. Commander Corry and Happy follow the directional beam to the home planet of the aliens in the Outer Galaxy.

#97 "TREACHERY ON TERRA FIVE" November 11, 1952

Commander Corry, Cadet Happy, Major Robertson and Carol land the Terra Five on a planet that has been scorched by atomic war. The sole survivors of the planet are now savage madmen who are determined to destroy the Space Patrol crew and escape to a better world on the Terra Five.

# 98 "FRONTIER EPIDEMIC" November 8, 1952

Commander Buzz Corry, Cadet Happy and members of their crew are exposed to a lethal virus on a strange unknown planet. In order to prevent the virus from being spread throughout the United Planets they are forced to remain on the planet until they overcome the deadly virus.

#99 "POWERDIVE" November 15, 1952

A special power unit is being sent to the most remote outpost of the United Planets, a colony on a strange uninhabited planet in the system of the great double star, Sirius.

Command Crew of The Terrra V #100 "THREE EXILES" November 22, 1952

Buzz Corry and members of the Space Patrol are on the planet Sirius Four the first outpost of the United Planets. They are confronted with the gigantic task of preparing the planet for colonists when their work is interrupted by an amazing discovery.

#101 "THE SHAKEDOWN" November 29, 1952

Buzz uncovers a gigantic blackmail racket that seriously hampers work on the planet Sirius Four. The racket immobilizes the thousands of laborers imported to the planet by the Space Patrol. They refuse to carry out the construction program of Sirius Four. It is soon discovered that important electronic devices and formulas are being stolen from Terra that endangers the lives of the colonists on Sirius Four.

#102 "THE HUMAN TRAP" December 6, 1952

A mysterious missile breaks through the radar system without alterting Earth Space Control in time for the Space Patrol defense system to stop it. Buzz and Happy, cruising in the same space sector are sent to intercept the missile. The missile will cause widespread destruction on planet Earth.

#103 "THE CHASE IN TIME" December 13, 1952

A gang of thieves thwart the plans of an old prospector who accidentally finds a rich vein of Exonium. The prospector dying wish was to give the Exonium to the United Planets

# 104 "THE DEADLY SUNBEAM" December 20, 1952

Mobsters on the planet Mars use the newly isolated and deadly Iota Ray to control the United Planets Security Council.

# 105 "THE CONSPIRACY" December 27, 1952

A top-level scientist, working at the Terra Experimental Laboratories disappears along with a briefcase full of top secret documents.

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