Williamsburg Film Festival
And Solar Guard Reunion
March 11 - 13, 2004

Williamsburg Festival

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Williamsburg Festival

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War of the Worlds posterThe 2004 Solar Guard Academy reunion is set for March 11 - 13 in Williamsburg Virginia. Cadets will be able to meet and greet each other and enjoy some of the classic episodes of the 1950's Space shows while at the festival. Check the Williamsburg Film Festival for the latest information on the guests and hotel reservations.

Videos and films-
The Solar Guard guest for the festival is Ann Robinson from ROCKY JONES and WAR OF THE WORLD fame. A 16 mm film version of the WAR OF THE WORLD, provided by Ms. Robinson, should prove to be a great screening of the classic SF film.

1- SPACE PATROL- Thanks to Jean-Noel's research, we have information that one of this year's Festival guests, John Alderson, appeared on SPACE PATROL. The two shows that Mr. Alderson appeared in will be on the viewing list.

#106 "THE HUMAN TARGETS" January 3, 1953

Mr. Alderson will be available during the festival to discuss the shows with cadets and add memories about the show to the archives.

2- TOM CORBETT - Thanks to Bruce David, SwapSale, and Paul Greene, Joseph Greene's son, we can see some lost episodes from the series - MONSTERS OF THE PAST. Some great exterior space shots can be seen in the shows as well as some of the early model techniques used for the special effects.

3- SCIENCE FICTION THEATER - We have a number of great shows from the SCIENCE FICTION THEATER series. This series was well written and produced incorporating known science facts of the day with a liberal dash of possible "future science' thrown in for drama. Some of the suggested titles include:

- 100 years young
- Frozen Sound
- The World Below
- Barrier of Science

There are another 20 episodes that will be available for late night viewing.

4- MEN IN SPACE - The shows from this series was a hit last year and several more will be shown during the festival. Included in the 25 plus shows are:

- Lunar Secret
- Dark Side of the Sun
- Moon Cloud
- Sea of Stars

5- ROCKY STAR - Cadet Elliot Swanson has provided the Academy with the ROCKY STAR videos for our viewing enjoyment. These shows should provide the cadets with a lot of fun in the "Mystery Science Theater 3000" tradition.

In addition to the above shows there will be another CAPTAIN MIDNIGHT show, with those great commercials, ROCKY JONES SPACE RANGER videos and additional SCIENCE FICTION THEATER and MEN IN SPACE shows for cadets to watch and enjoy. Both Ann Robinson and John Alderson will be available to discuss their roles in the early shows.

The Solar Guard Academy display theme for 2004 will be Rocket ships. Photos of the traveling rockets of the 50's as well as pictures from Doug Souter's transfer of the Silvercup Rocket to it's new home at the AIR ZOO will be on display.

A dealer's table will be available for cadets to bring material for trade/sale at the show and will be the central gathering place for "show and tell". Jack Hagerty will have be with us to discuss his latest book SAUCER FLEET and will have copies of SPACESHIP HANDBOOK available for those who haven't picked up this fantastic research book of spaceships that "never were".

Cadets are encouraged to bring in interesting "Space Related " items they would like to share with others. I have a number of "Space books" from the 1950's that I will have at the show and maybe some of the early SF comics will be represented in the display.

Last year Cadet Elliott found a Space Patrol belt buckle in the dealer's room, maybe there are other treasures waiting there for cadets?

The Academy's Astronomer Cadet Mike Turco will bring his Telescope in hopes we will have a clear night to view the skies. We were able to see the moons of Saturn, but be sure to bring warm clothes; it can get cold stargazing.

Be sure to make your reservations early, the hotel books fast after the first of the year. Check out the Williamsburg Film Festival website for information about the hotel and guests at the show: http://www.williamsburgfilmfestival.org

Cadets who attend the festival will receive a membership package that will include a CD of material from the Academy Archives, a name tag and other mementos of the festival.

Plan to be there and be sure to let the Academy know you are coming so we can prepare enough membership packages. See you there … and

Spaceman's Luck
Cadet Ed