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March 9 -12, 2005
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Ib Melchior
Ib Melchior, Man of Imagination
Posted 10/31/00

IF one of your all time favorite SF movies of 1964 was ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS, or you remember the MAN IN SPACE television show with fond memories then you can thank Mr. Melchior. Now, thanks to Robert Skotak's book IB MELCHIOR MAN OF IMAGINATION, you will have another reason to thank Ib Mechior because his early work in SF began with TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET.

Check out the review on the Solar Guard Library page.

Posted 10/16/00

From Space Opera's media corespondent Jeff Bertwits:

Hello Fellow Cadets!
Remember a couple of years ago, when there were rumors about at Tom Corbett, Space Cadet movie in development? Well, after quite a bit of digging, I was finally able to discover where things stand on the project! If you check out the new Nov./Dec. issue of Cinescape, coming out in a week or two (it has got the new X-Files team on the cover), and go to page 22, you'll find a short "Buzz Box" piece on the long-awaited film. Find out what the producer, Edward Pressman, has to say about the delay and where things stand with the picture!

Jeff also uncovered some good news for the STARMAN SERIES:

Also, in the same issue, on page 12 you'll find a brief piece on the new Starman book series!

Thanks Jeff for the heads up.


Dust cover art for Starman #1: "ASSAULT ON MARS"
Posted 9/12/00

By all standards the Starman Team's first book, ASSAULT ON MARS, is a big success. The look and feel of the project reminds everyone of the early series books and the first novel has received justifiable praise. Requests for artwork has prompted the Team to provide a beautiful, enlarged copy of the full-wrap dust jacket, signed by the artist and suitable for framing.

The image is 9.3" high x 15.4" wide on 11" x 17" paper. The border at the top is .60", on the sides is .80" and at the bottom is 1.10". A .40" diameter logo is in the lower left corner centered 1.50" from the left edge of the image and 1.00" from the bottom edge of the image. The artist's name is printed on the image in the lower right corner. Printed in the lower white border, centered left to right just below the image, are the words:

Dust cover art for Starman #1: "ASSAULT ON MARS"

The master for the copies is a professionally-made photograph with clear detail and fine coloring. Copies will be professionally photocopied from this master, signed by the artist, and mailed by priority mail in a mailing tube.

Cost for the artwork is $15 post paid. All proceeds will be dedicated toward the printing of Starman Book # 2, The Runaway Asteroid.

If you are interested in the artwork, please send a check for $15, made out to Jonathan K. Cooper, and mail to Route 2, Box 129A, Hurricane, WV 22526. And if you haven't checked out the new Starman web site for a month or so, please click on It's an entirely new site, much improved, and includes a sample of the text of The Runaway Asteroid!

New Tom Corbett Video
Posted 9/01/00
englewoodcorbett2.jpg - 8479 Bytes
Copyright 2000
Englewood Entertainment
A new TOM CORBETT SPACE CADET video will be released from Englewood Entertainment in September and will include episodes "Asteroid of Death", Target: Danger" and "Assignment: Mercury". The shows may be available in DVD format as well. Check the Englewood site for the exact date.

Thanks to Cadet Jean-Noel for sending the graphic artist of the video's to the Academy. Cadet Tucker Johnston needed information about the Space Academy building as well as the color of the uniforms. I know he had help from Cadet Chuck Lassen and from the debate on the site a few years ago. Thanks to those who participated in that exchange (see Space Forum # 4).

A tip of the space visor to Cadet Tucker. His response to everyone's help demonstrates a true desire to do a good job.

From Cadet Tucker:
Thanks for your reply. Got the info on Space Academy just in time to modify the cover of Corbett, Vol. 2 before it went to the printer. In trying to put these boxes together, I sometimes have to make interpretations of color, etc. from the original b&w photos. I had a photo of Space Academy, but it looked like a moonscape on it. That's what I originally tinted it like on the cover of Volume 2. But fortunately I found you guys on the Internet and could actually find out. As you can see on the attached cover, it's definitely Earth that the Space Academy is set on.

Thanks again to your fanbase. I always try to be faithful in my artwork so fans of a particular film or series aren't disappointed. (Personally, I'm a fan of Doc Savage and Shadow and I know when some bozo artist screws it up I'm fit to be tied).....

Thanks again for your help.
Tucker Johnston,

JULY 2000

New Starman Series Book
In Third printing
Posted 7/21/00
ASSAULT ON MARS is in its third print run. If you haven't gotten a copy yet, I would recommend you go to the Starman web site and order a copy today

The Starman website has been revised and summaries of the next four Starman books plus some actual text from the next Starman book are on-line. I have enjoyed the first book and have already reserved my copy of book # 2 The Runaway Asteroid

Thanks Jon, David and Mike for the hard work you are putting into the series.

Planet Patrol every Sunday
Posted 7/12/00
Bruce David has an original SF Sunday Comics page each Sunday at . Bruce has given us a lot to look at in his excellent Space Patrol, Tom Corbett and Capt Video tapes that he offers on his site... Now he has added a Sunday Funny for our Enjoyment.

BRITT BURTON OF THE PLANET PATROL is one of several strips running on Bruce's Comics site. Drop by and read the adventures of Dale and Kazz as they ply the space lanes of the Planet Patrol.

Thanks Bruce, I look forward to reading the adventures of the "Planet" Patrol each week and Spaceman's Luck.

New Series Book Adventure
Posted 7/7/00

The STARMAN Juvenile Book Series is now available. If you enjoyed the TOM CORBETT, RICK BRANT and TOM SWIFT series books, you will be very happy with the STARMAN adventures.

ASSAULT ON MARS is the first book in a proposed series of 23 STARMAN books and has all of the elements of the 1950's space opera that we loved.

In an age where electronic games, Internet surfing and computers compete for the leisure time of young people, the STARMAN series is a welcomed alternative. It is also a great read for "older" Cadets who remember the TOM CORBETT, and RICK BRANT stories. It is a project conducted by fans for fans with a professional result. This type of adventure book disappeared during the 1960's when NASA's engineer's provided a less than glamorous looking space vehicle for the conquest of space :-)

The style and flavor of the STARMAN series is reminiscence of the book series Robert Heinlein wrote for Scribner in the 1950's. Heinlein never "talked down" to his audience in his series of books and neither does the STARMAN books. The influence's from Rick Brant's author Hal Goodwin and Tom Corbett's science advisor Willy Ley are also apparent. The background of the series has a structure and history that has been plotted for each book.

This is the type of project all fans should support. Cadet Ed plans to buy two copies. One for himself and one for his grandson to read and enjoy. For more information on the series go to the Solar Guard Library or directly from the STARMAN website :

Cost of the book is $16.50 + $3.50 postage. All profits made on the first book will go into a fund that will be used to print Starman #2 and the rest of the series. To afford even a minimal print run for book #2 the Starman team will need to sell at least 200 copies of Starman #1. I would like to see a lot of the cadets of the Solar Guard in that first 200 member copy run.

Aside from the great read, the first run of 500 copies are numbered and are sure to be collector's items in the future. So don't wait, contact the Starman Team and order your book today!! Tell'em Cadet Ed sent you. You will be glad you did.

MAY 2000

Posted 5/30/00

Frankie Thomas is very active and is releasing two new Sherlock Holmes books in the coming months - see book review section . Frankie's work on Tom Corbett was one our favorites (of course), but it is not the only arena Frankie worked in. Cadet Ed and young cadet Nathan (grandson) were watching Frankie in one of his four Nancy Drew movies when Nathan's mom walked and said… "watching TOM CORBETT?". Nathan's mom identified Frankie from the "classic" pose he made famous on Tom Corbett - thumbs looped into belt, feet wide apart and eye's gazing off into the distance. Three generations know that famous stand :-) There it was in the Nancy Drew series and ID'd by someone who was born 15 years AFTER the show went off the air!!

Frankie also did early movie serials including Tim Tyler's Luck. Cadet Chuck Lassen has several pages relating to Frankie's Tim Tyler serial on his Space Academy South Site : The future cadet of the Academy was learning his "stuff". Great fun for his fans, thanks Chuck.

First Episode ?
Posted 5/30/00

Beth Flood ( Sister of Lyn Osborn, Cadet Happy) has provided documentation that may be the best source for pegging the first broadcast of the Space Patrol show:

From Beth:
I just realized that the letter from my brother could be documentation of the date for the first Space Patrol TV show. The letter was written on Sun, Mar 5, 1950, the postmark on the envelope is Mar 5, 1950, at 7PM, and "this coming Thursday" would be 4 days later, on Mar 9, 1950. What do you think?

The letter indicated that Lyn would be in the first show this "coming" Thursday - March 9th. Unless someone can find a different date for the first show, it sounds like Thursday March 9th 1950 was the premiere of the SPACE PATROL. There is more information about Lyn's early work that will be presented in Jean-Noel's book on Space Patrol. So stay tuned and thanks Beth for the vital link to the show.

APRIL 2000

Posted 4/3/00

Jan Merlin and Frankie Thomas celebrate a birthday this month. Drop by the Bullentin Board and wish them a happy birthday.

Both Jan and Frankie are published authors. Jan is working on another book and Frankie is readying his SHERLOCK HOLMES AND THE PANAMANIAN GIRLS for publication. So check out the Solar Guard's book update for times and places for the book releases. Once again... HAPPY BIRTHDAY Polaris Crew

MARCH 2000

Posted 3/29/00

From Jeff Berkwits:
For folks who are interested, there's a new review posted at the Science Fiction Weekly Web site of Englewood Entertainment's most recent Space Patrol tape ('Amazons of Cydonia'). Check it out at: Cool Science Fiction Stuff

Enjoy...and, if you have a moment or two, let me know what you think!

All the best, and Spaceman's Luck --

Posted 3/29/00

Memories of the 1950's abound on Kevin Danzey's site dedicated to Arthur C. Pierce a cinematographer, film editor, special effects technician, screenwriter, producer and director. He worked on both drive-in "B" movies and many low budget science fiction, fantasy and adventure films from the 1950's to 1970's. The Cosmicman Website is off line at the present time, but stay tuned and take a walk down memory lane when it returns to the internet.

Posted 3/28/00

Modeler's Resource (Apr/May #33) is now on the stands with Jack McKirgan's restoration of the original Terra V spaceship. The two page spreads highlights Jack's work on the Terra V.... great job Jack. Additional pictures of the restoration can be found on the Solar Guard Site at

Posted 3/28/00

From Jan Merlin:
A friend of Pete's( Jan's Son) draws cartoon strips, one of which would interest all the cadets.. go to: , click onto "ant archives"..and choose to see all of the Star Ant series of of the characters is named Adventure Guy, which is actually a depiction of Pete...very funny space adventures..

best to all...roger and out..

Posted 3/27/00

Check out Gary Hugh's Rocketman website at . Rocketman was a favorite early Saturday Morning "kids" show I watched on local TV. A great serial/series that was adapted for many local stations as kids "filler" material used in the early 50's TV. A great site, check it out. Cadet Ed

Posted 3/14/00

Space Patrol's 50th Anniversary is being celebrated with downloads, new pages and a few extra's from March 13th to the 24th. Downloads will include a special 50th Anniversary Screen Saver and a high resolution graphic of Commander Corry and the crew of the Terra V. See the page for details and join in our salute to Space Patrol.

Posted 3/12/00

Jan Merlin has a new book out, his fourth in recent years, which takes place in New York City. Go to the new Solar Guard Library for more information. Keep 'em flying Jan.

Posted 3/2/00

A preview look at a new book for both Fans of Spaceship models and the fantastic fantasy ships of the 20th century is in the works. Jack Hagerty and Jon Rogers are working on the final draft of the book.

Check out the preview pages on the Solar Guard Library page. They are looking for your input and help in locating a suitable publisher. If you can help them please contact the Academy or post your thoughts or recommendations on the Solar Guard BB.

Spaceman's Luck

Posted 3/1/00

From Jeff Berkwits:
Thought you might enjoy hearing about a new Science Fiction Supersite called which is streaming science fiction serials and movies (along with other science fiction and science fact info). Fans of vintage SF--like us--should be especially excited, because one of their first presentations is "Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe" (They've also got "Night of the Living Dead" and "Warped," an original SF sketch comedy series).

Here's a link to the Galaxy TV page: Welcome to Galaxy Pictures .

What's especially neat about the Flash Gordon serial is that they're streaming a new chapter each week, so it's really like the old-time serials - you gotta wait a week to find out what happens!

And in mid-April, if all goes as planned, they'll start streaming a Rocky Jones serial, too! Check it out, and let me know what you think!

Thanks Jeff for the tip. The site is impressive but you do need a fast connection and some patience. Downloading will take over an hour on a 56K modem.



Posted 2/22/00
Cadet Chuck forwarded this to the Academy. Cadet Gene is being recognized as an authority in Space Ray Gun collecting.

Go Gene.....
Read about it at:

Art Batanides
Rod Brown Space Ranger Actor dies

Posted 2/21/00
From Jeff Berkwits:
This item appeared in the January 14, 2000 issue of (the online version of the entertainment industry newspaper Variety). I thought it might be of interest...
Art Batanides, TV and film actor throughout the past four decades, died Monday of natural causes at his home in Los Angeles. He was 77.Batanides is perhaps best remembered as Mr. Kirkland in the “Police Academy” films and for numerous guest appearances on “Happy Days.”In 1953, Batanides landed his first big TV role, on “Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers.” He also appeared on numerous “Mission: Impossible” and “Star Trek” episodes.

He is survived by his wife, Anna, and three children. A private memorial is scheduled for Saturday at his home.— Jill Feiwell
Thanks Jeff for the information.


Or how to make your own Space Helmet with everyday material

Posted 1/13/00
Gene Metcalf has added the "HOW TO" section of the August 1953 WOMEN'S DAY magazine with the instructions on how to build your own helmets at:

Many fine creations from Space Patrol to Capt Video and listed. Speaking of Capt Video, is that our Cadet Chuck Lassen at the end of the page holding his Capt Video creation? Chuck has an interesting story about the helmet that you can read on the Solar Guard Space Forum # 3 (June 25, 1997). What we didn't do for our hobby when we were kids :-)

Space Patrol Week

Posted 1/13/00
Happy New Year to all Cadets in the New Century. I hope this finds all cadets in good health and fine spirits for the new century. Due to a number of events, new upgrade to the Academy computer, the holidays and a New Grandson to play with :-) the proposed Space Patrol Week is being postponed till March.

Several Cadets did remind me that MARCH was the month that Space Patrol first appeared on local TV in California and it is only fitting to have the Anniversary week during that month.

It will give the Academy more time to put together a special download package including a Space Patrol Screen Saver, so stay tuned for SPACE PATROL WEEK in March.

Cadet Ed

Fellow Cadets in the news

Posted 1/12/00
  1. Cadet Jeff Berkwits has the lead story in the current SCI FI Channel Magazine on sale now. The story spotlights the upcoming Heavy Metal sequel, titled Heavy Metal: FAKK2 along with his usual two columns - Future Shock and SCI FIdelity. Congratulations Jeff on a job well done.

  2. Peter Merlin ( Son of Jan Merlin) is featured on NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center Page at:
    click on : X-Press-The Dryden Newspaper
    then click on: X-38
    Scroll down to first entry under People & Places and
    click to read about the X-Hunters. Research at its best. Good article.

  3. Cadet Chuck Lassen may have some pictures of his "other" hobby published in the March edition of "Classic Toy Trains"- on sale near the end of January. When Cadet Chuck isn't on the radar deck of the Polaris II he is working with his Lionel trains.

  4. Cadet Jack McKirgan will have his Terra V restoration work documented in an upcoming issue of a model magazine. Stay tuned for the issue and publication date.