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at the Williamsburg Film Festival.

The schedule below relates to the Solar Guard activities only. There will be other movies, panels and events occurring at the Williamsburg Film Festival for your enjoyment. The Solar Guard scheduled will be updated till the first day of the festival.

The Solar Guard will have a section on the Festival announcement board for posting of current activities and messages. There will be two tables in the dealers room set aside for the cadets to meet. Check the SG section of the Festival bulletin Board for events in the dealer's room. A Saturday morning meeting will be announced on line (this page) or on the Festival Bulletin Board. Information about receiving your Solar Guard name tag, CD's and other memorabilia will be posted at the registration desk.

Be sure to check your UNIT assignment located on the lower right side of your name tag. While at the festival you will find others in your UNIT by checking their name tag. It will be a good way to meet fellow cadets and make new friends.

In addition to the videos below there will be a screening of Jan Merlin in the LIST OF ADRIAN MESSENGER and Ed Kemmer's EARTH VS THE SPIDER. See the Williamsburg Film Festival's Breaking news for information and updates on the other activities at the film festival.

The Academy's astronomer, Cadet Mike Turco, will have his state of the art telescope set up for late night star gazing. Date and time will depend on weather conditions. Check the festival announcement board for times and places.

WEDNESDAY March 5, 2003

Early arrival: Be sure to check in at the Festival table and look for updates on the Solar Guard section of the Bulletin Board. Registration starts at noon. Afternoon - Dealers room setup, SG display setup and early bird film viewing starts (see Williamsbug Film Festival site for movie update).

6:00 PM - Supper at Outback (next to the Holiday Inn). The Polaris crew II ( Cadets Jack McKirgan, Chuck Lassen and Ed Pippin) started the tradition in 1999 when they first met. Let Cadet Ed know if another time is better.

9:00 PM to ???? - First night Solar Guard session. If a video room is available, the first screening of cadet videos for those who arrive early. Location to be announced. Be sure to bring your favorite shows. See partial list below

THURSDAY March 6, 2003:
12:00 Noon - Dealer's room open. See festival announcement board postings for meeting events.

5 PM - 7 PM: Solar Guard Video session 1

  1. TOM CORBETT - The Runaway Rocket - May 22, 1954
    Written by Albert Aley
    Cast: Frankie Thomas, Jan Merlin, Al Markim, Edward Bryce, Carter Blake, Frank Sutton
    Sponsor: Red Goose Shoes.
    Points of interest: Jan Merlin's last TC show and last show of the season. He blasts off to the Mars Academy Patty McCormick appears in the Red Goose Shoes commercial. Many young cadets had a crush on Miss McCormick .. Including fellow cadet Chuck Lassen.
    Commercials: Tom informs viewers that the Space Cadet Identification Badge is available free with each purchase of Red Goose Emery Oxford Shores.
    Summary: The Polaris Crew has to save Capt Strong and Commander Arkwright from an experimental rocketship that is out of control and accelerating toward the sun.

  2. TOM CORBETT - Mystery of the Missing Mail Ship - March 12, 1955
    Written by Albert Aley
    Cast: Frankie Thomas, Al Markim, Jack Grimes, Edward Bryce, Carter Blake
    Roy Cowan: Ralph Camargo
    Sponsor: Kraft Caramels
    Commercial: Kraft Membership package. A slightly different membership kit than the Kellogg's membership. The Rocket Ring (featured in Christmas Sears catalog), arm patch and certificate.
    Summary: A former Solar Guard Captain, Roy Cowan, hijacks the Titan Mail Ship in revenge for his dishonorable discharged from the Space Academy. He teams with a weapons specialist, another discharged Academy cadet, to destroy other ships at random. The Polaris Crew offer themselves as bait to trap Cowan.

  3. MEN INTO SPACE- Is There Another Civilization?
    Story by Jerome Bixby and teleplay by William Templeton and Robert Leach.
    Rebroadcast from SF-Channel's Retro series.
    Summary: A piece of an unidentified space derelict crashes into the M-13 spaceship and it's crew die under mysterious conditions after they return to Earth. The derelict is not from anything from Earth. Some interesting shots of early Atlas rockets and space walks highlight the broadcast.

  4. SPACE PATROL - #1 - Treachery of Mars - December 30, 1950
    Sponsor: Ralston Cereal
    Commercial: Magic Eye Pictures in Chex Cereals.
    Summary: Not the FIRST show but the first National Broadcast. Review of the Space Patrol is included at the start to bring the rest of the nation up to speed. Commander Corry is bringing his NEW Cadet Happy from Earth when a missile from Mars is fired on. Note early Terra spaceship (Terra I - See Cadet Jack McKirgan's book on the Spaceships of Space Patrol).
9 PM to ????- Solar Guard Open session. Warren Chaney's Space Patrol presentation. Other videos provided by fellow cadets. See list below for some of video's that cadet's will be bringing.

FRIDAY March 7, 2003
12:00 Noon - Dealer's room open. See festival announcement board postings for meeting events.

2:30 PM - Space Interview Panel with Frankie Thomas, Jan Merlin and Ed Kemmer. Cadet Mitch Weisburg will be posing questions to the Academy's senior cadets. There will be a time for question and answers from the quests so be prepared to ask that burning question you may have have for show stars.

3:30 - 3:45 (Approximate time) - WATER RIGHTS a new Radio play that brings the United Planets and the Solar Alliance together in a pivotal moment in history. Cadet Jack McKirgan has written a fantastic play you don't want to miss. See Radio Play page for completed details.

5 PM - 7 PM: Video session 2 -

  1. SPACE PATROL - # 49 - Prison of Deadly Gas - December 1, 1951 .
    Sponsor: Ralston Cereal
    Commercial: Space Patrol Code belt.
    Summary: Buzz, Happy, Robbie and Tonga are in danger from a deadly gas produced in an Endurium mill on IO. Endurium is the metal from which the hulls of spaceships are fashioned. Special note - Look for Norman Jolley's name posted on the bulletin board that shows the take-off schedule for ships.

  2. SPACE PATROL - # 65 - Abandoned in Outer Space - March 22, 1952
    Sponsor: Ralston cereal
    Commercial: Cosmic Glow Rocket Ring.
    Summary: Carol and Tonga are kidnapped from a research laboratory on Mars where they are working on a formula for synthetic radium. They are ejected into space in space suits where Buzz and Happy have to rescue them before their air runs out. Some good rear screen projection effects are seen in the space suit scenes.

  3. CAPT MIDNIGHT - Frozen Man
    Sponsor: Ovaltine
    Commercial: SQ museum and SQ patches located on special jars of Ovaltine.
    Summary: Dr Hartley is kidnapped by enemy agents and his notes on plutonium or stolen. Dr Hartley was working on a formula to lower temperatures to absolute zero. This would allow the development of advanced weapons of mass destruction. See the desert turned into an ice rink and listen to the accents of the "enemy agents" brings back a lot of Saturday morning memories.

  4. TOM CORBETT - Mystery of Alcar - August 11, 1951
    Written by: Frankie Thomas and Ray Morse
    Sponsor: Kellogg's
    Cast: Frankie Thomas, Jan Merlin, Al Markim, Edward Bryce, Carter Blake, ELBLAS- Joe DeSantis LUXOR: Ralph Riggs
    Commercial: In the second commercial break, Tom speaks directly out of the Space Cadet News, informing all viewers how they can form their own Space Cadet Squadrons, and obtain their Space Cadet Membership Kits through Kellogg's Corn Flakes.
    Summary: The Cadets are menaced by a weird, near-mute visitor from Alcar, the legendary black planet lying beyond the orbit of Neptune. But a much more deadly threat comes from an old and very dangerous enemy, that could lead to an attack against the entire Solar Alliance. Tom Poston guest stars as the mysterious invader from Alcar, though he is not identified in the credits. Poston also guest starred as Captain Turner in the premiere Corbett episode.
9 PM to ???- Solar Guard Open session. Cadet Ed reviews Solar Guard festival CD's. Other videos provided by fellow cadets. See list below for some of video's that cadet's will be bringing.

SATURDAY March 8, 2003
12:00 Noon - Dealer's room open. See postings for meeting events.

3 PM - 5 PM: Video session 3

  1. TOM CORBETT - April 30, 1955- Pursuit of the Deep Space Projectile
    Written by Richard Jessup.
    Cast: Frankie Thomas, Al Markim, Jack Grimes Edward Bryce
    Alex Monroe: Bill Lipton
    Summary: A science cadet, Monroe, gets a lesson on how "rocket jockey" units like the Polaris work as a team when they have to save Capt Strong and Thistle from an experimental space projectile that is falling into the sun of Sirius. Look for someone's hand holding the projectile heading for the sun.

  2. TOM CORBETT - October 10, 1953 - Target Danger
    Written by: Albert Aley
    Cast: Frankie Thomas, Jan Merlin, Al Markim, Edward Bryce, Carter Blake, Frank Sutton.
    Sponsor: Red Goose Shoes and John C. Roberts Shoes.
    Commercial: Red Goose Shoes Spaceman Giveaway of Archer Spacemen with the purchase of Red Goose shoes. In a second commercial we are advised that a "Strato-Treasure Hunt Game "which includes an Interplanetary Travel Chart, cutout pictures of the Space Academy members, and a Membership card in Tom Corbett's Space Academy is available free with the purchase of Red Goose Shoes. See Patty McCormick in a TC uniform and a great looking TC Box is displayed.
    Summary: A feud between two cadets causes the wreck of the Commanders flagship during interplanetary war games. Tom, Astro, and Manning suddenly find themselves the target of deadly atomic torpedoes while taking part in maneuvers to repel a mock invasion from space. Cadets Manning and Eric Rattison (Sutton) tension builds when Eric is temporarily assigned as an extra member of the Polaris Crew. Past differences are insignificant when the two are trapped together fighting for survival and facing death.

  3. SPACE PATROL - #143 - September 19, 1953 - Hate Machine of Planet X
    Sponsor: Ralston Cereal and Weather Bird Shoes
    Commercial: NAME THE PLANET contest and win the Terra IV.
    Summary: Prince Baccarratti trains another of his diabolical mechanical creations on Terra to create bitterness, resentment, and dissension among Space Patrol and the people of the United Planets.

  4. SPACE PATROL - #151 - November 14, 1953 - Castle's Destruction on Planet X
    Sponsor: Ralston Cereal and Weather Bird Shoes
    Commercial: Ralston Rocket giveaway included with the Rocket is pictures of watches, ray guns, bikes and a boatload of other SP merchandise.
    Summary: Prince Baccarratti is forced to evacuate his castle on Planet X, putting into effect Plan Z-1. Activating a prearranged time mechanism designed to blow up the castle, the Black Falcon flees his stronghold through an escape tube in a magnetic car. Buzz and Corry have to be blasted out of the basement of the Castle before it is blown up by Baccarratti. Interesting Magnetic car effects.
7 PM - 10 PM: Banquet with the stars. Entertainment and fun with fellow cadets and new friends made at the festival.

AFTER HOURS VIEWING - 9 pm to ????

Partial list of movies and video's for 9 pm showings:
Cadet Videos:
1949 March of Time featuring Margaret Garland (Dr Dale)
Tom Corbett series- Pirates of Ganymede
Flash Gordon 1950's TV series.
Cadet Movies:
1964 Ib Melchior Classic ROBINSON CRUSOE ON MARS.