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Williamsburg Festival

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Jan's coat displayed the patches of his son's work on the X- Hunters, an aerospace research team. You may see Peter on some of the Discovery Channel shows as his team research plane crash sites, both new and old. Some of Peter's work could be classified as a story for Fox's Hit show, the "X-Files".

Closing day brought a surprise to Jan as a special honor was given to him by Cadet Jack McKirgan. A copy of Jack's second Tom Corbett novel, the dedication was to Jan Merlin.

The closing banquet brought an end of three days of excitement for the cadets who attended the festival. It was agreed by all, that a good time was had and that another gathering of the cadets would be a "good thing". Maybe we can interest one of the SF conventions to sponsor a Space Opera segment for the fans of early SF TV. If fans of the West can make welcome a unit of the Solar Guard, why not a SF convention who has it's roots in these early shows.

A personal note from Cadet Ed. It was great meeting fellow cadets Chuck Lassen, Jack McKirgan ,Mike Elmo and especially Senior Cadet, Jan Merlin. Even tho it was a "First Contact" for all us, it seemed that we had known each other for a longer period of time. Thanks. Till next time...

Spaceman's Luck...
Cadet Ed

X Hunters patch
X Hunters Patch
Peter Merlin's Research Group

New TC novel
Jack presents Jan
with his new novel

Closing moments
Closing Minutes of the Banquet
Larry, Barbara and Jan

Thanks Jan for being so nice to your fans. Your stories and enthusiasm was contatious. It was great meeting you and I know I speak for all of the cadets who attended, we look forward to future visits with not only a fellow cadet but a friend as well.

Ride tall in the saddle and Spaceman's Luck

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