Tom Corbett's 50th Anniversary


This Anniversary page is dedicated to the actors, producers, writers and workers who developed Tom Corbett into "the real" thing for a whole generation of cadets. The cadets who would take the memories of the show into the 21st Century.

Thank you .

Jan Merlin and Frankie Thomas Jr, who have been gracious in sharing their time and memories of the show with their fans.

To those who helped establish the characters; Joseph Greene, Robert Heinlein, Jack Winstock, Willie Gilbert, Don Hughs, Richard Jessup, Gilbert Brann, Ben Peter Freedman, Albert Aley and many other unknown workers who added to the Tom Corbett Universe.

And finally a special dedication to those who are no longer with us:

  • Edward Bryce - Captain Strong
  • Margaret Garland - Dr Dale
  • Carter Blake - Commander Arkwright
  • George Gould - TC director
  • Paul S. Newman - Tom Corbett Newspaper Strip writer

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