Williamsburg Film Festival
And Solar Guard Reunion
March 8 - 11, 2006

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March 9,2006
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PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS - March 9th, 2006

Solar Guard display setup. This year's theme - PREMIUMS
Frankie and Mary greet Kime and Mike
Frankie arrives and starts signing pictures. Cadets Kim and Mike Elmo rekindle memories with Frankie.
Jan is trying to setup, but fans are already lining up to see him. Jan and Gene
Chuck and Frankie
Frankie and Cadet Chuck discuss the Polaris rocket model made by Chuck.
Jimmy and Ed
Jimmy Lydon and Cadet Ed. Jimmy played many parts in early TV and appeared in the Rocky Jones Space Ranger series.
Cadet Mike Turco arrives with his model of the X-RC, the Space Patrol premium that was featured on the show. For just one Nestles' lid and 25 cents you could blast off to a planet or into the past!!! Cadet Turco sets up the X-RC
Lights demostration of the X-RC
Mike turns on the fully interactive lights and switches of the display. The cockpit is about twice the size of the original giveaway mounted on wood with glass dials.
The interior of the cockpit. The levers and dials work. You use the center dial for your "blast off" locations to other planets. The X-RC cockpit
Laser  blast off
Clyde "laser" Lyman takes a practice run with the X-rc cockpit controls.
The X-RC engineer - Cadet Mike Turco adjusts the controls for the Senior Cadet blastoff. Mike sets upthe controls
Frankie at the controls.
Senior Cadet Frankie Thomas AKA Tom Corbett tries his hands at the control of the X-RC.
Cadets plot a takeover of the Dealers room. (Cadets Dick Dyszel, Chuck Lassen and Mike Turco)
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