Williamsburg Film Festival
And Solar Guard Reunion
March 8 - 11, 2006

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PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS- March 10th, 2006

Radio play preparations

The preformers  receive  instructions from Jan.

Jan Merlin (standing) rehearses the radio play with (left to right on stage ) Chuck Lassen, Ben Cooper, Jimmy Lydon, Barbara Merlin, Mitch Weisberg. On Jan's right, Mary Orozco and Frankie Thomas.

Seated out of picture on the right, Dick Jones and seated next to stage with black hat, Ted Reinhart. Stay tuned for a several more pages of the actors in action.


Solar Guard Academy Flag

Solar Guard Academy Flag flanks the Pep Cereal Poster. The flag was patterned after the Grosset and Dunlap book logo and measures 30" X 36"

Cadet Turco sets up stage for rado play

Mike Turco hangs the Pep Cereal poster as a backdrop for the radio play.

Dealers room activities
Frankie and Fans
Cadet Jim looks over dealers table.
Frankie signs a copy of the Grosset & Dunlap Tom Corbett adventure
Jim Miller checks out the dealers room.

Cadets greet

Joel Geoffrey arrives and is greeted by Mike Elmo.
Cadets greet each other

Tim Young arrives to survey the activities

Solar Guard Group shot

Group picture of the cadets

Half of the cadets made it for the group shot after the radio play. Seated -Clyde "laser" Lyman. On stage first row left to right: Mike Elmo, Jan Merlin, Frankie Thomas, Ed Pippin

Second row:left to right: Jim Miller, Dick Dyszel,Henry Kane,Mike Dodd, Chuck Lassen (Behind Frankie), Tim Young, Shelia Zornetzer (behind Ed),Mike Turco, Tom Crawford, Joel Geoffrey. There will be additional pictures that will feature cadets who were blocked out in this shot. Stay tuned.

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