Williamsburg Film Festival
And Solar Guard Reunion
March 8 - 11, 2006

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March 9,2006
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March 11, 2006

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PICTURE HIGHLIGHTS- March 11th, 2006

Chucks model - Photo by Cadet Chuck
The POLARIS model signed by Frankie and Jan is admired by Cadet Ed while the model builder, Cadet Chuck proudly displays his work.

Jan signs pictures for his fans
The dealers room was always busy.

Jan and Barbara-Photo Cadet Chuck Lassen
Jan and Barbara ready to met the fans.

Chuck Lassen, Frankie and Ed Pippin  - Photo Chuck Lassen
Frankie and Mike Elmo
Chuck, Frankie and Ed enjoy a time of memories and fellowship
Mike Elmo and Frankie watch over the Senior cadet's table

Hallway  conversation Cadets enjoyed eating out. A debate on where to go for good eats.
Ready to eat.
A Solar Guard unit waits for the decsion of where to eat.
Banquet was a sell out
The banquet was well attended

The guests

Guests Prepare for picture - Photo Chuck Lassen


Everyone say Cheese!!!