Williamsburg Film Festival
And Solar Guard Reunion
March 8 - 11, 2006

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March 11, 2006

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THE PLAY - Project Enigma - Action on the Stage

Jan opens the play
Jan Opens the play with a sad announcement that the sound man for the play was ill and would not be able to attend.

Dick Dyszel on Audio

Cadet Dick Dyszel lends a hand with the audio

Jan and Frankie back on the airwaves
The Polaris Crew once again ride the spaceways and airways with another Tom Corbett Space Cadet radio show!!!!

Jan and Chuck
Mitch, Barbara and Jan
Jan as Roger Manning and Chuck Lassen as Astro.
Commander Arkwright, Dr Dale and Roger Manning. (Mitch Weisberg, Barbara Merlin and Jan )

Jimmy Lydon
Jimmy Lydon as Capt Strong. Jimmy was also in the Tom Corbett radio show presented by FRIENDS OF OLD-TIME RADIO in Newark, New Jersey, October 2005.

Dick, Ted and Ben
Ben Cooper (Alfie Higgins) waits for Narrator Ted Reinhart's cue, while Dick Jones prepares another "sound effect"


Frankie,Jimmy, Jan and Chuck

Ben (Alfie) and Mary Orozco (Prof Rowan) wait their cue from Mitch(Commander Arkwright) and Barbara (Dr Dale).
..while, stage right, Frankie, Jimmy, Jan and Chuck follow along.

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