Frankie Thomas In one of his favorite pictures as Tom Corbett
Frankie Thomas
"Tom Corbett"


Final Rest
May 16, 2006

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Frankie in his favorite dress shirt - Hawaiian

Cadet Memories of
Frankie Thomas - Tom Corbett Space Cadet

April 9, 1921 - May 11, 2006


Frankie Thomas WAS Tom Corbett. After a long and successful career in the theatre, movies, radio and television he was still a real person who treated his fans and friends with respect and grace.

He was born to a family of entertainers making his Broadway stage debut in the arms of his mother at the young age of 8 months. His parents were successful actor Frank M. Thomas and actress Mona Bruns who, along with Frankie, became known as the First Family of Television.

Frankie's movie career included his juvenile role in Wednesday’s Child and the Dog of Flanders. He danced with Ginger Rogers in the Major and The Minor, worked with Jimmy Stewart, Mickey Rooney and Ronald Regan. He starred with Bonita Granville in the Nancy Drew Mysteries and did radio work on hit 1940’s shows such as Our Gal Sunday, Armstrong Circle Theater and The FBI.

However, it is the Tom Corbett Space Cadet radio and television show that he felt he was at the top of his professional career. He said it many times in interviews and to his fans “… after Tom Corbett… what else could I do?” Always with a smile and a chuckle. He was a fans friend and became active in fandom attending many events where he was always open and friendly to everyone he met. Even while in the hospital he was planning what to do at the next event .. a radio show in Victorville.

He will be missed by all but remembered by many for his accomplishments … especially when we wish fellow cadets …
Spaceman’s Luck

Cadet Ed