Ed Kemmer

Commander of the
Space Patrol


Solar Guard Reunion
March 9 -12, 2005
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It is a sad announcement that we have to make … the Commander of the Space Patrol - Ed Kemmer has died. After a stroke on November 5th he lapsed into a coma and passed away on the 9th of November. The Solar Guard Bulletin Board held many prayers and wishes for a recovery but the sad news was confirmed over the weekend of the 13th of November.

The memories and posts from cadets will be arranged into a picture album with cadets' memories and posts from the BB and sent to the Kemmer family. The album will be presented on behalf of all cadets of the Academy as a remembrance and thank you to Ed for the influence he had on a generation of kids growing up in the 1950's. A hero is hard to lose and we have lost one in Ed's passing.

Ed's memorial page is on line with links to the LA Times article that included Jean-Noel's thoughts and Warren Chaney's tribute - IT'S HARD TO LOSE A HERO. Cadet's memories, pictures and wishes for the family will be added to the SG pages.

Silvercup Rocket moved to Flying Zoo in Kalamazoo Michigan.

The move was made successfully and the restoration process begins. Doug has forwarded to the Academy a number of pictures of the transfer of the Silvercup to the Air Zoo. They will be added to the Silvercup Rocket pages soon. In the meantime, here are a few pictures of the event with commentary provided by Doug Souter and Greg Ward, the Curator of Restoration at the Air Zoo.

Loading the Rocket:

Loading the SilvercupReady to roll
Terry's Road Service was the trucking firm who performed the move for us. There isn't anything those guys won't move! Historically, All of the jobs that we have hired them to do are flawlessly done.

On the Road to the Flying Zoo.

Greg to Doug: "The current plan is to wait for a while before we begin restoration of the Silvercup Rocket. It looks as if though, your
talents would provide a wonderful addition to what we have in mind for that particular project. The main reason why we intend to "stand-by" for now is because the flight center building is completely packed, wall-to-wall, with airplanes."
On the Road to a New Home

Arrival at the Zoo"Currently, we are building a brand-new museum. Around March of 2004, we plan to conduct an airplane convoy down Portage Road, to the new Air Zoo. This impressive line-up will be led by the world's only SR-71B Blackbird. Afterward, we will have more floor space available inside the flight center to bring the rocket indoors. We are still somewhat uncertain as to when
Silvercup Rocket restoration will actually begin.

The Silvercup Bread Rocket "Agreement"

The Kalamazoo Air Zoo gladly agreed to pay the previous owner, Wayne Huddlestun, an undisclosed amount of money for the Silvercup Bread Rocket, but more importantly, one of the true "deal-breaker's in the agreement was that Wayne would promise to provide two (2) of his wife's delicious, freshly baked, home-made apple pies first, before the rocket could be unloaded in Kalamazoo, and before any money could change hands. (Wayne graciously agreed to our request) Only in America!
The Deal Maker

Greg has collected an impressive array of Rocky Jones memorabilia to display with, or inside the rocket. The entire collection of Rocky Jones television programs, on VHS cassette, was purchased with plans to digitize the tapes to DVD with Doug's help.

Thank you Doug for the work you have done and to Greg Ward of the Air Zoo for taking on the project. We look forward to the updates on the restoration of the Silvercup Bread Rocket, this will be a great attraction for cadets both old and young alike.

See the Silvercup Bread Rocket page for more pictures.